Research interests

  • Development Economics, Environmental and Natural Resources Economics, Urban Economics, Public Economics, Agricultural Economics, Energy Economics
  • Economic Valuation of the Environment, Hedonic Pricing Method
  • Applied Econometrics, Spatial Econometrics, Meta-Analysis
  • Survey Methodology in Developing Countries, Impact Evaluation, Computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI)
  • Climate Change, Agribusiness, Agriculture, Deforestation, Biodiversity, Protected Areas, Extractive Industries, Housing, Land Use, Biofuels, Energy

Peer-reviewed publications

  • Kéré E., Choumert J., Combes P, Combes JL., Santoni O. & Schwartz S. (2017) Addressing Contextual and Location Biases in the Assessment of Protected Areas Effectiveness on Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazônia.  Ecological Economics136, 148–158.
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  • Choumert J., Stage J., Uwera C. (2014) Access to water as determinant of rental values: a housing hedonic analysis in Rwanda. Journal of Housing Economics, 26, 48–54
  • Combes Motel P., Choumert J., Minea A., Sterner T. (2014) Explorations in the Environment–Development Dilemma. Environmental and Resource Economics, 57(4): 479-485
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  •  Choumert J., Salanié J. (2008) Provision of urban green spaces: some insights from economics. Landscape Research, 33(3): 331-345

Working papers

  • Phélinas P., Choumert J. (2016Is GM soybean cultivation in Argentina sustainable ?  R&R
  • Amin A., Choumert J., Combes JL., Combes P, Kéré E., Ongono J. & Schwartz S. (2014) A spatial econometric approach to spillovers effects between protected areas and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.   Submitted
  • Choumert, J., Combes, P., Guegang, C. (2016) The biofuel-growth nexus: a meta-analysis. Submitted

  • Choumert J., Cust H., Mallet M., Taylor C.,  Terenzi L. (2017) Randomising Within-Household Respondent Selection Using Surveybe. Submitted

  • Brunette, M., Choumert, J. Couture, S., Montagné-Huck, C. (2015) A Meta-analysis on Farmers’ Risk Aversion Coefficients. WP Cahiers du LEF 2015-13. 

Work in progress
  • Volcanic risk and farmland values in Ecuador  (with Pascale Phélinas)
  • Biofuel production and deforestation (with P. Combes, D. Keles and E. Kere)
  • A Perception Survey of Natural Gas Development in Tanzania

  • Using paradata to monitor fieldwork and assess data quality (with H. Cust and C. Taylor)

  • Energy transition in Tanzania (with P. Combes and L. le Roux)

Articles on field methods and data quality in socio-economic surveys

  • Choumert, J. Spence, C., Taylor, C. (2016) Improving the quality of socio-economic surveys using CAPI. EDI Working Paper 2016:1

  • Choumert J., Taylor C., Guimas C., Mallet M., Sivewright N. (2016) Experiences and challenges in data collection monitoring: From Bukoba (Tanzania) to High Wycombe (United Kingdom). EDI Working Paper 2016:2

Blog posts

Guest editor of special issues

  • Choumert J., Combes Motel P., Millock K. (2015) Climate change mitigation and adaptation in developing and transition countries: introduction to the special issue. Environment and Development Economics20, 425–433.

  • Combes Motel P., Choumert J., Minea A., Sterner T. (2014) “Explorations in the Environment–Development Dilemma”. Environmental and Resource Economics, 57(4): 479-485

Contribution to reports
  • Improving Rural Road Access in Tanzania - Road Evaluation Baseline Survey, ITAD, DFID (2015)
  • External Baseline Evaluation of the Central Highlands Programme (CHP) - Afghanistan, Samuel Hall, AFD (2015)

  • A Community Perception Survey of Mining in Afghanistan, Samuel Hall, World Bank, (2014)


  • Price C., Oueslati W., Salanié J., Choumert J. (2009) Some perspectives on landscape economics.

  • Oueslati W., Salanié J., Choumert J. (2006) Quels modes d’approvisionnement en végétaux pour l’aménagement des espaces verts urbains ? Enseignements de la modélisation économique.


  • Choumert J. (2009) « Analyse économique d'un bien public local : les espaces verts ». Ph.D Thesis, 425 p. (Economic Analysis of a local public good: the case of green spaces)

  • Choumert J. (2005) « Mécanisme de développement propre et taxe sur le carburant: le cas du Mozambique ». Master's Thesis, 132 p. (The Clean Development Mechanism and fuel taxes: the case of Mozambique)