Process for casting in stone

The full size clay is finished.

The first coat of plaster has bluing added.

Subsequent coats are white so blue indicates that the final surface is close by.

The top of the mold was built up so it would be level when flipped upside down.

All the clay is removed. The original has now been destroyed.

The interior of this large "waste" mold is washed and coated with release agents.

Materials are tipped out of the tailgate. 100lb sacks of white cement, marble dust or "pool mix", and marble chips.

After the mold is filled and vibrated with a motor to raise the bubbles, it is left to cure.

Flipped (with an overhead hoist) back onto the base that the clay was built on.

The plaster is chipped off with wooden carving mallet and chisel, with the blue plaster layer as a guide to chip carefully!

The finished piece has nose and toes and fingers. After further curing it is waxed.

The piece is now ready for garden viewing and should last about 70 years outdoors.