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"Economy of line, clarity, and vitality have always been the qualities I strive for in my art." – Joan Rudd

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Carving in Clay-Terra Cotta & Reliefs - Maquettes – Cast Stone - Abstract Plaster - Cast Bronze & Aluminum – Stucco Benches - METRO Murals

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Joan Rudd

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Joan Rudd is a Seattle sculptor and visual artist. She is from New York City, graduated with a BFA in Sculpture from the Pacific NW College of Art, and studied with Lloyd Reynolds at Reed College, Fred Littman at Portland State, and Manuel Izquierdo at the Pacific NW College of Art. After relocating to Seattle, she worked briefly in the studios of Rich Beyer (“Waiting for the Interurban”) and Phillip Levine (“Dancer with a Flat Hat”), who became her Washington mentors. In turn she has mentored new sculpture students. Professional organizations: Northwest Stone Sculptors Association, Washington Clay Association, International Sculpture Center.

Inquiries: joan.rudd@comcast.net