Inspired by the Biblical book of Job, Joab's Fire includes a Bible study exploring the perfection of God’s plan and the bounty of His love even in the most inexplicable and intense sufferings.

Lynn is a master storyteller who weaves her love of Jesus Christ and the truth of His scripture throughout all her writing. Joab’s Fire will ignite a flame of hope and faith within you as you journey with Joab, his wife, and friends through countless tragedies and unimaginable heartache. This book and accompanying Bible study will challenge and encourage you to seek God in the midst of every storm.

Debra Shirley, speaker, author, and Ladies Sunday School Teacher at Tannehill Baptist Church,

Of all the books in the Bible, the book of Job troubles me most. How could so many bad things happen to such a good man? How could a loving God allow it? In Joab’s Fire, Lynn Squire tells the story of Job in a new setting—one that allowed me to relate to the story’s timeless themes in new ways. The accompanying discussion questions place the story firmly in context with the whole counsel of Scripture. Joab’s Fire eloquently displays the eternal truth that God’s light shines most brightly in darkness.

Lynn Dean, author of Discover Texas, a history curriculum for Christian schools,

In Joab’s Fire, a young family faces one heart ache after another as they carve out a life on the Canadian prairie. The Blacks lose their only son, their home is destroyed by fire, and Joab suffers a debilitating illness. Like Job in the Old Testament, we wonder how such a good man could suffer so much. Then, through the darkness, we see God’s abiding grace.

Lynn has written a novel that beautifully portrays how our Heavenly Father raises his children from the ashes. When the world robs us of all we hold dear, God returns it to us a hundred fold. Each chapter of Joab’s Fire concludes with a series of Bible study questions designed to help us get a clearer understanding of how God works in our lives and helps us to face every tragedy that may come our way.

            Linda Strawn, author of Singing Winds,

This riveting story of heartache and mystery will draw you into a deeper understanding 
of God's greater purposes for suffering and redemption. You won't be able to put it down once you start the first chapter. Lynn has so artfully crafted an amazing story of mystery and tragedy that pulls you into life on the untamed prairies of Alberta. As you turn the pages to unravel the buried secrets that create a prison of guilt, you may discover your own gift of freedom.

Lisa Jost, singer/songwriter/mother with The Josties,

Joab's Fire will stir your heart and soul as the NWMP officer seeks to find God's will for his life without realizing that is what he is seeking. Lynn Squire is one of the finest writers I've ever come in contact with.  Her writing mirror's her life as she writes for the Christian readers, unafraid to show her love and trust in the God she serves.

            K Sue Morgan, multi-published western historical romance author,

In today’s culture, where materialism and wealth are thought to be the signs of success, Joab’s Fire and the Bible study accompanying the story clearly define the truth that it is not what you have but Who you have that makes one triumph in this life.  Lynn Squire uses the story of Joab and his family and friends to show that in all things, God is ruler over our lives. Joab’s Fire is filled with examples of how God uses setbacks and unthinkable tragedies to work in our lives. More importantly, the story shows how, as Christians, our responses to unexpected calamities affect those around us who do not trust in a sovereign God—often making us the only example of Christ’s goodness they may ever see. In the study, Lynn uses scripture to allow God’s healing truth to seep into the hearts and minds of her reader, drawing them closer to the One who leads us not only to the top of the mountain, but through the many valleys where we learn to trust and allow Him to guide.

            Fay Lamb, author of Tatted Angels, Staff writer for Wings of Hope Magazine, and freelance editor,

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