Carriage Only Setup

This page is for attaching your J&J tailwheel carriage (yoke) to your existing leaf spring tailwheel.

Picture of a Retrofit to a White Rose Carbon Spring

Standard 6-32 Setup

This is the lightest method for retrofitting to an existing leaf spring setup. This will work with pretty much all existing carbon leaf springs. The pictures to the left show how I attached the wheel carriage to my Pete Models Leaf Spring. I used 3/8" OD 13/16" tall aluminum spacers for a 6-32 screw. The washers need to be approximately .5" in diameter. I Inserted the screw with a washer into the top of the leaf spring, then put another washer on the screw, put the spacer and wheel carriage on the screw then a washer and 6-32 lock nut. This setup allows you to tighten the screw down on the spacer and leaf spring and allows the wheel carriage to have .0125" of movement up and down on the spacer to prevent binding. The 3/8" diameter provides a wide bearing surface on the carbon and because the connection to the leaf is very tight there is little chance of wearing and fatigue.

If you would like to use your existing leaf spring just order the carriage only on the home page for $60. All carriage only orders include the hardware required to mount to your carbon fiber.

Picture of a Retrofit to a Custom Carbon Spring

Picture of a Retrofit to a Krill Carbon Spring

These are pictures of a Pete Model Leaf Spring on a 35% Dalton Extra 260. This was a Pre-Production Tailwheel. The J&J Wheel Carriage was easily adapted.

The Pictures below are the installation of the J&J Wheel Carriage easily retrofitted to a Graph Tech Carbon Leaf Spring on the new 40% Airwild SU-29.

Shown on Hangar 9 Carbon Fiber

Please contact jjtailwheels@gmail.com for more information.