Customer Gallery

To all our customers please send us your Installation pictures

We love to see them.

Brad Kraus sent us some pictures of his 3D Hobby Shop 87" Extra. He put our standard size Titainium tailwheel on his 50cc plane and says it looks and works great.

Tom Erik Smedal from Norway sent us some pictures of his 50% Pitts Challenger. He used our carriage with the stock leaf spring. Looks great....Thanks

Chris Fry sent us these nice pictures of his Comp-Arf MX2. Thanks for supporting our products and nice flying.

We were happy to be a part of the 2012 Tucson Aerobatic Shootout Raffle Plane. This beautiful plane was designed and built by Rob Joyner at Competition Airframes. The pictures below were sent by the winner of the plane Javier Kuan of Puerto Rico.

Chris Boulet Sent us these awesome pictures of his 3W Yak. What a great scheme and a beautiful plane.

Hondo Hinderliter put our tailwheel on his new Hangar 9 Extra 300. What a great looking plane. He also used a lightweight MPI aluminum wheel rather than our standard Dubro. Thanks Hondo for being a great customer and sporting our graphics.

Chris Prince put our Tailwheel on his beautiful Hangar 9 46% Ultimate. Thanks for sporting our graphics

Joe Allen put our tailwheel on his 30% Pilot Extra it looks Great

Michael Verzwyvelt a pro builder from Twin Falls Idaho sent us these pictures of some of his clients 40% Godfrey 300 airplanes. These are just awesome!! We are happy Michael has chosen our tailwheel for these excellent planes. If you are looking for a pro builder give Michael a shout.

Glen Banducci put this on his GTM 1/3 Fokker DVI. He used the Ash tail skid as the leaf spring. This plane is hard to handle on the ground especially on a paved runway. The rod that attaches to the rudder is a 2-56 steel rod which he rolled into a spring to take the bumps. Really Cool!!!!!

Patric in Germany used our tailwheel on his scratch built Prometheus. It is simply amazing work. What a beautiful plane.

Thanks to Gary for sending us these pictures of his 2.6m Comp-Arf 260. Remember to prop that tail up on foam when in a trailer.

Doug, from north of the border, sent us these great pictures of his Pilot RC 37.5% Yak. I like the fuel tubing spring system.

Team Futaba Member Jeff Blaylock sent us these awesome pictures of his new 126" Carden. What an awesome scheme, the background isn't too shabby either. He put our carriage on a Pete Models Carbon Fiber Leaf Spring.

Famous Wayne Matthews (The Silver Fox) and also of Sew Busy put one of our carriages on his new Extreme Flight 123" Extra 300s. One of the first ones in the country and with a custom scheme. Pretty Cool.

Bill Fitzgerald's Very Nice Pilot RC Extra 300. Bill is one of our best customer. Thanks for Repeat Business.

Very cool setup with fuel tubing instead of Springs

Wayne's new 126 Inch Carden Built by Dean Nistetter. The last picture is from Dean's Plane. He using titanium.

Big A's new Sbach from Pilot-RC. This is one sleek airplane. Looks Great

Pepatrick sent us these of his Super Extra with a Carbon Direct Drive Setup and a J&J Paint job on the bottom of the wings

Chris (Bunky F. Knuckle) with his new Dalton. We are looking forward to another MA cover shot with this plane.

(before our tailwheel)

Rick Byrd Has Had Two J&J Tailwheels this one on a Beautiful 43% Carden Extra

Mike Jenkins Had us do a custom bend on his 36% 3W Extra

Mark Trent is building a new Krill Yak 55 and chose our tailwheel. I thought I would post a couple he sent me during the build. He has amazing building skills. Jagerbomb Builds Krill Yak 55

These are Fastford on Flying Giants two beautiful Carden Extras. What a combo a 126" and a 118".

Here are some pictures from Gene of his Smokin' Python...Great Stuff!

Pictures from Andrew Bird (Our friend from both sides of the Atlantic). What an Awesome Pitts!

Dzhamal (Our first sale to Russia) sent us this picture of his Krill Katana outfitted with our wheel carriage.

Dan bought two of our Carriages to retrofit to both of his Daltons, a 260 and an ML300. I am jealous.

Gary sent us these pictures of his new 35% Dalton. What a beautiful plane!

Our Tailwheel was Featured on the 2008 Tucson Aerobatic Shootout Plane

AeroLou had been a great supporter and has several of our tailwheels on Comp-Arf 3.3 Yak and Krill 37% Yak. Including the New Carbon Fiber Tailwheel

Big Nuts 181 on RC Groups got one of tailwheels from Desert Aircraft Australia and is using it on a Cessna 188 AG Tow Plane. Super nice installation and Tow plane. Write up on RC Groups

Mark has a very nice installation on his Carden Edge 540

BOB S installed his JJ Tailwheel on a 30% SD Yak. It looks great, really nice installation.

This is 3D Meatshields 86" QQ Yak with a Custom Bend wire and Direct Drive....perfect for a 50cc plane. All up weight was 1.9 ounces. Looks Great

Absolute Yak sent us these pictures from his Extreme Flight 88" Yak with a Custom Scheme. This is a simple Direct Drive Install using the Stock Leaf Spring Setup.

Eagle1 had one of the first batch of J&J tailwheels, it is slightly thicker, but Eagle took the time to round the edges and it looks great. Nice install. Awesome looking 3.0m CompArf Yak!

Tired Old Man sent us these pictures of his 35% Wild Hare Edge. The installation looks great and I like how he took advantage of the design and threaded some 4-40 eyelets on the arms.

DKooi Sent us this great picture of a Carriage only installation on his 35% Carden Extra 330. Super Clean and Easy to do. Thanks

Nice picture all the way from Australia of Talbs Comp-Arf 330

Nice Picture from Propstriker's Yak.

Thanks for the Kind Words

Below is Louis Silva's 3.3m Composite Arf Yak. Great Direct-Drive Install

Here is John Midock's Awesome looking 2.6M Composite-Arf Yak with our Direct Drive Setup. Our tailwheels work great on this size plane.

Here is Brad Petty's Beautiful Krill Yak. This is his second J&J Tailwheel, and he has had 2 previous setups that failed on him.

This a picture from Wayne Geffon's Godfrey 300. It is a retrofit to one of our competitors tailwheels. Good Flying Wayne.

Tailwind (on Flying Giants) posted these pictures on FG of his 40% Carden 260. A super clean installation. LOOKS GREAT!

Lawrie (Desert Hucker) sent us these from Kalgoorlie Australia. He used a really innovative method to create a positive direct drive setup from our tradional tailwheel. A single servo direct drive. Using a spring with 2 bolts epoxied in it for shock asorbing. Thanks for the pics and a great idea.

Marc sent us these pictures of his Beautiful 4.0 meter Decathalon all the way from Belgium, thats right, J&J Tailwheels is international. Marc is using a J&J wheel carriage with a Carbon Leaf Spring setup as shown on our leaf spring page.

Thanks to Pepatrick for the following pictures. He has the honor of being the first actual paying customer of J & J Tailwheels. He is using one of the rare and extremely valuable pre-production test models. What a fantasic looking Composite Arf 3.0 Yak. It really does our tailwheel justice. :-)

Corey thanks for letting us come over and install our wheel on your New Airwild 40% SU29. What a beauty!! The plane looks great too. Just kidding this is my tailwheel website so you can't blame me.