The Best Looking, Best Engineered Tailwheel for your 35-42% Airplane

Congratulations to Team J&J Tailwheels members - Alan Anderson and Nick McKinney for making the 2014 US IMAC World Championship Team

AK Nick sent us this great video putting our tailwheel through the paces and created a bracket to mount our titanium tailwheel. Click on the picture to download 3D printer files and make your own. Thanks Nick

ORDER HERE - Direct Drive and Traditional are available in Carbon Fiber, Titanium, or Carriage only. Please select from dropdown boxes below.

Parts and Accessories

Compression Springs: Upgrade to the best springs available for Traditional Tailwheels (2 springs in a set) $10

Rudder Tiller -Makes it easy to hook up traditional tailwheel. $10

Replacement Carbon Fiber $25

$5 Shipping & Handling in the U.S. - $25 Shipping & Handling International

  • Pre-assembled (with loctite) includes mounting brackets, 1.5" DUBRO tailwheel, and regular springs (compression springs are additional - order above)

  • Direct Drive unit comes with section of wire instead of springs.

  • Carbon Fiber Units do not come with mounting brackets.

  • Carriage only comes with all hardware needed to mount to your Carbon Fiber

All Tailwheels include the following features:

- Wheel Carriages Anodized for a Long Lasting Finish.

- 1/8" titanium axle, which has a flat spot ground on it that a 4-40 set screw sets in. Making it impossible for the wheel to fall off, but easy to replace if needed.

Titanium Tailwheels:

  • Traditional Tailwheel with With a 1.5” Dubro wheel: 3.1 oz

  • Direct Drive Tailwheel With a 1.5” Dubro wheel: 3.0 oz

  • Both Use .250 inch Grade 5 6AL-4V titanium wire.

We believe this is the lightest and strongest solution for your 35%-42% airplane.

Carbon Fiber Tailwheels:

This carbon fiber has been tested extensively and is much stiffer and more resilient than our previous carbon fiber and the carbon fiber used by other manufacturers tailwheels.

  • Traditional Tailwheel with With a 1.5” Dubro wheel: 3.2 oz

  • Direct Drive Tailwheel With a 1.5” Dubro wheel: 3.1 oz

Shown with Aftermarket Wheel

Retrofit Your Existing Carbon Fiber Leaf Spring

Click for Information. (Order Carriage Only).

Traditional Wheel Carriage:

Traditional Carriages require springs to be connected either to the rudder horns or to a tiller arm attached to the rudder. The springs are then attached to the arms of the carriage. The holes on the arms are drilled and ready to be tapped for 4-40 for those of you who would like to put ball links on rather than loop the wires/springs through the holes. This is the most trouble and maintenance free tailwheel you can buy.

Direct Drive Wheel Carriage:

Direct Drive tailwheels provide positive steering without the hassle of having to run springs. The direct drive tailwheel pod is drilled for .063 piano wire. The piano wire is very tough and allows the wire to rotate up and down as the tailwheel flexes. Please trial fit the tailwheel to establish the bend then slide the wire through the the ball-link (not included) attached to the bottom of the rudder, and mount to the bottom of the plane

Make your own metal mounting straps!

This idea came from a customer and is very durable, if you have had problems with the plastic ones supplied this is a great idea. Use .032" (or thicker) x 1/2" wide x 1" long brass or aluminum that can usually be found in most hardware stores. Mold them around the wire and screw them into the plane as close to the wire as practical.

Make your Own Fuel Tubing Springs