Jim Mainprice received his M.S. from Polytech' Montpellier, France, and his Ph.D. in robotics and computer science from the University of Toulouse, France, in 2009 and 2012 respectively. His research interests include motion planning, machine learning, human-robot interaction and human movement understanding. While completing his Ph.D. at LAAS-CNRS, he took part in the European community's 7th framework program projects Dexmart and Saphari. From January 2013 to December 2014 he was a postdoctoral researcher in the Autonomous Robotic Collaboration Lab at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, USA, where he participated in the DARPA Robotic Challenge with the DRCHubo team. Since January 2015, he is affiliated with the Autonomous Motion Department of the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen, Germany. Since April 2017, he leads the Humans to Robots Motion (HRM) research group at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.