A primary goal of SURG is to foster enthusiasm and innovation for science and math both within and outside of the Hopkins and Baltimore community. For that reason, we are proud to actively engage with the community through education, outreach, development, and fun. All members of SURG are encouraged to actively give back to their community in their own way. Below are just a few examples of this.

  • SABES (STEM Achievement in Baltimore Elementary Schools) - SURG members participated in the SABES program from 2014 - 2016, working with third through fifth graders at Barclay Elementary School in Baltimore.
  • BRYN MAWR HIGH SCHOOL RESEARCH INTERNSHIP PROGRAM - SURG hosted a summer intern from Bryn Mawr High School in Baltimore during the summer of 2016. Gabriella Liu spent the summer working alongside an undergraduate, Stephanie Coronado, and graduate student Jiaxin Zhang to develop a mobile phone application for Bayesian inference.
  • Army Educational Outreach Program - Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (REAP) - For the past two summers (2017, 2018), SURG has hosted a high school student summer intern through the REAP program. We have hosted two gifted and highly motivated students, Edna Egal (2017) and Grace Kim (2018). Edna, who is now an undergraduate in Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at Columbia University, assisted graduate student JP Connors in performing experiments on high temperature reponse of aluminum. Grace spent the summer working with graduate student, Aakash Bangalore Satish to develop Python interfaces for UQpy and Abaqus.
  • DUNK YOUR PROFESSOR - Prof. Shields gets dunked by his students to raise money for Camp Kesem - a free summer camp for kids whose parents have cancer. We raised $750!!!