General Links

Information about local DC/Baltimore area rescue organizations and shelters:

    • ***A lot of information for DC/Balt./No. Va. area shelters, rescue groups, vets, etc. is contained on Metropets website, which also maintains 3 Yahoo egroups. If rehoming an animal, consider joining DC-Rescue and asking for help there after reviewing the archives. Many placement organizations are members of DC-Rescue, and joining DC-Rescue might be a way of reaching out for assistance and ideas from its 250+ member internet community. ***


Alley Cat Rescue (DC area)

Neighborhood Cats (NYC based)

Alley Cat Allies (national)

Feral Cat Coalition (West Coast based)

National on-line member group:

  • Insurance -- (insurance pays out in 30 days; an insurance policy payable to a trust friend with a back-up beneficiary is not a bad way to handle care for your animals after if you die)

Organizations accepting cats (for a fee -- usually considerable): (North Shore Animal League will adopt the cat out which can be good and bad -- the problem is that they don't take cats back reaily if the adoption fails or something necessitates a return)

A Poem (sentimental -- get out the tissues):

Tender Touches

When would she come?

Winston didn’t know.

He did not even know his name,

On that day so long ago.

When she arrived, he knew it then,

The lady with the loving eyes,

He ran right up to her with glee,

And she scooped him up to his surprise.

Happy Birthday he heard the man say,

He didn’t yet know this was “dad”.

For he was only eight weeks old,

A sweet and loving Siamese lad.

He found the best mommy, he knew,

And loved his new home very well.

He slept upon her pillow that night,

As he would for life his mommy could tell.

He followed her around like a little pup,

Bringing his ball for her to throw.

Playing fetch was a favorite game,

For mommy’s precious little shadow.

Winston would anxiously wait,

Whenever his mommy had to go,

Excitedly somersaulting upon her return,

For the “tummy kisses” she would bestow.

The years went by, and Winston was twelve.

His bond with mommy was very strong.

His leg was lame and causing him pain,

She knew in her heart that something was wrong.

The news was bad, the doctor said.

Winston had bone cancer of the worst form.

There were no options that could help,

There was no magic to perform.

Mommy knew in her shattered heart,

The only thing that could be done.

Tears of love and pain flowed free,

As she held her baby with warm affection.

The night before it was time to leave,

Winston let his mommy know,

He caressed her face with tender touches,

As he lay upon her tear soaked pillow.

A special kitty resides at the Bridge,

Among doggies, birds, kitties and fishes,

Awaiting the day he’ll somersault again,

To receive his mommy’s “tummy kisses”.

Sandra Hender

Written for Gwen’s “Winston”

March 1st, 2007