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Jerry Leonard
(Lyme/CDC Survivor)

First off, they said it was a new disease, which it wasn’t. Then it was thought to be viral, but it isn’t. Then it was thought that sero-negativity didn’t exist, which it does. They thought it was easily treated by short courses of antibiotics, which sometimes it isn’t. Then it was only the Ixodes dammini tick, which we now know is not even a separate valid tick species.
If you look throughout the history, almost every time a major dogmatic statement has been made about what we ‘know’ about this disease, it was subsequently proven wrong or underwent major modifications."              

--The late Dr. Ed Masters on the track record of the so-called Lyme expert


“Never would I have deemed it possible that a group of medical people would work so vigorously and with such malice against a group of desperately ill people. But, here it is.”

–Lyme victim/activist (requested anonymity for fear of reprisal)


"Who could imagine the government all the way up to the Surgeon General of the United States, deliberately allowing a group of its citizens to die from a terrible disease for the sake of an ill-conceived experiment?"
--Commentary on the Tuskegee Experiment
 Article Series: Terrorism Through Treatment Guidelines

September 2011, Public Health Alert:

"Biological Warfare Experiment on American Citizens Results in Spreading Pandemic"

CDC-Created Epidemic Now Spreading Down East Coast of U.S.

In this article I describe exactly how and why the CDC has allowed this catastrophic epidemic to spread on behalf of the pharmaceuticals industry using an orchestrated disinformation campaign led by CDC-manufactured "thought-leaders".

This criminal program has enabled large-scale human experimentation (the “Tuskegee Experiment, Phase II”) under the cover of biowarfare research to implement a step-by-step vaccine marketing agenda outlined in a cold-blooded CDC marketing strategy published in 1999.

I believe the NIH and the CDC are in fact conducting a modern Tuskegee Experiment in treatment denial for vaccine research against another spirochete disease that is very similar to syphilis. I have referred to this ongoing medical crime as the institutionalization of the Tuskegee Experiment.
The treatment denial experiment is being orchestrated on a daily basis on a grand scale in a sophisticated manner at a very high level through the enforcement of treatment guidelines and the selective NIH funding of guideline authors' research.
Through the increasing reliance on treatment guidelines, which often end up being "non-treatment"guidelines, the medical system can be used not only to conduct unethical experiments but also to wage biological warfare against an entire population through treatment denial. Indeed, it is not far-fetched to call this the "institutionalization of biological warfare."

 Google Docs PDF Version (includes footnotes)


An Open Letter to State Leaders:

Investigate The Biowarfare Pathogen Leak From Plum Island Animal Disease Center, NY!

Resultant Epidemic Being Used to Conduct a Large-Scale Vaccine Experiment Under The Cover of National Security

July 2011, Public Health Alert:

"The Lyme Disease Epidemic: CDC Tuskegee Experiment, Phase II"


'As a result of the use of treatment guidelines to deny treatment, America’s most egregious example of medical malpractice through treatment-denial is now an everyday reality, conducted on a grand scale, and run with the complicity of the CDC and other public agencies, which are exploiting the public instead of protecting them. I have referred to this as the institutionalization of the Tuskegee Experiment.' 


Technical Presentations:
Physicians Round Table (2012): Invited Talk
Connecting the Dots: Lyme Disease and Biowarfare

The medical, financial and historical context of the man-made Lyme disease epidemic
Part 1:

(Tuskegee Experiment Update, Lyme Disease as "Tuskegee, Phase II")

YouTube Video

(Connecting the Dots: Tuskegee Experimentation Continued Through National Security Infrastructure)

YouTube Video

(How to Practice Medicine and Kill People Without a License: A Step-By-Step Description of the Process)

YouTube Video

(The CDC's "Smoking Gun" Vaccine-Marketing Blueprint for Perpetuating Lyme Disease Through Steere-Camp Policies)

YouTube Video

Excerpt from Part 4:
The CDC's "Smoking Gun" Vaccine-Marketing Blueprint

As Emma Hitt explained in Nature Medicine, the cost-effectiveness argument
for a vaccine (“savings per case averted”) only made sense if a 500% increase in infection rates took place:
  • “A cost-effectiveness analysis of the Lyme disease vaccine by the CDC indicates that the use of Lymerix vaccine is justified only in areas in which the incidence of Lyme disease is high.
  • They found that the mean net savings of vaccination per case averted is $3,377 if the probability of contracting Lyme disease is estimated at 0.03. However, the probability of contracting Lyme disease is, in all but a few areas, less than 0.005.”

The CDC vaccine-marketability authors found that, within parameter values  estimated to be accurate at the time when the first Lyme vaccine was being marketed, increasing the probability of Lyme disease to 1%-3% would make the vaccine appear cost-effective. The problem was that, except for a few isolated areas, this proposed probability of contracting Lyme was far higher than actual infection rates.

Were CDC policies put into place to correct this?

• Were CDC-trained epidemiologists (EIS), such as Allen Steere, put in place to justify disastrous policies to make the vaccine cost-effective, as outlined in this CDC-authored publication?

• Does this explain the decades of outrageous CDC policies to the detriment of the public, allowing Lyme disease to spread generally and its effects to worsen individually beyond what they would have with proper treatment so that a vaccine could be justified from a financial standpoint?

The answers are... yes.

Physicians Round Table (2011): Invited Talk

The Subversion of Modern Medicine Through Treatment Guidelines

  (or "How To Wage Institutionalized Biowarfare")

Part 1:

Alternate format (slide show):


Part 2: Application to Lyme Disease

Alternate format (slide show):



Physicians Round Table (2013) Talk:

The Vaccine Marketing Agenda Behind the Lyme Disease Epidemic

Powerpoint summary here (pdf):


Video of my invited talk ("Why You Can't Get Treated For Lyme Disease") in Lafayette Square (outside the White House) accusing Allen Steere and others of conducting the Tuskegee Experiment, Phase II (and thereby being complicit in mass murder through the creation and enforcement of "Treatment Guidelines"):

Lyme Disease Speech: "MayDay Rally" in Washington DC May 21st 2011  

“…So, finally, in case there is any doubt, as I stand here in the shadow of the White House, I would like to officially and publicly accuse Allen Steere, Gary Wormser, the CDC, Yale University, New York Medical College. the IDSA and others with engaging in a 30+ year
Tuskegee Experiment, Phase-II."   


Link to text of my abbreviated speech,

Why You Can't Get Treated for Lyme Disease:

Radio Shows:
"The Conspiracy Show" by Richard Syrett: (2nd hour):
(Tuskegee Experiment, Phase-II; Biowarfare, etc.)

Additional Resources


The source of Lyme disease has been traced to a biological warfare experiment gone out of control through books, films, and television documentaries.



·         Lab 257, by Michael Carroll




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  • Tina J. Garcia, “Biowarfare Lab Directors Are Experts on Lyme Disease, A Level II Debilitating Biological Agent”




  • Under the Eightball, documentary by Tim Grey (film links Lyme disease epidemic to biowarfare research)


  • Under Our Skin (film that documents the non-treatment of Lyme disease victims)


  • Plum Island episode, Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory” discusses Lyme disease and biowarfare