Ph.D Course

Welcome to the course page for my Accounting Ph.D. seminar. These are syllabi, notes and problem sets I assign in various versions of the course. At Baruch, this seminar is taught jointly with other empirical faculty at Baruch College with the format of a few theory sessions on a topic to be followed with an empirical session moderated with an empirical faculty. I am also posting problem sets that I use for grading the course (most of these problem sets are based on published research papers), and I can provide my own typed up keys if you are interested; I do not post them online so that they may be, if needed, used by any interested person teaching a similar course.

Ph.D course (in slides format)

joint course with Edwige Cheynel


Session 1: Voluntary Disclosure: Fundamentals

Session 2: Voluntary Disclosure: Dynamics

Session 3: Theory-Based Estimation

Session 4: Applications of Theory-Based Estimation to Disclosure Theory

Session 5: Earnings management

Session 6: Lab session on structural estimation (no slides)

Session 7: Cost of Capital - symmetric information

Session 8: Cost of Capital - asymmetric information

Session 9: Bayesian Persuasion

Session 10: Product Market

Session 11: Accounting as a Political Choice

Session 12: Real Effects

Folder with source files (feel free to re-use and modify)

Older PhD Course (in notes format)

Readings for the course


Chapter I: Agency Theory

Problem Set 1: Risk-neutral agency

Chapter II: Disclosure Theory

Problem 2: Voluntary disclosure

Chapter III: Earnings Management

Chapter IV: Rational Expectations Theory

I hope you enjoy the course and please let me know if you have any suggestions!