About me

I was trained in applied game theory, but I have interests in empirical topics involving computational methods, from structural estimation to machine learning, as well as how to use theory in empirical research. Most of my work is in accounting. I'm glad to be part of a fantastic research field with a ton of unanswered research problems and openness to heterodox ideas. Thanks to all colleagues, current and ex-students for making the journey possible.

When I was a graduate student, a faculty told me that he encouraged students to be themselves on the job market but, for me, I should rather try hard not to be myself. So I will once more not follow good advice and put a few random non-research things..

My family is originally from Spain. My grandma was born in Madrid, my mom in Blida (Algeria) and I was born near Paris, my son was born in New York. What's next? As a kid, I spent three months a year in Benidorm in Spain, a good day was morning at the beach, siesta and evening play cards and eat paella de marisquos, boquerones, and sopa de fideo. 

My grandpa used to say "finish high school, get a no-stress job at the bank, and take it easy." Thing in the family was not to go university, but go straight to work after high school so can retire earlier.

Bertomeu ("Beir-to-meh-o" in Spanish) is a corruption of Bartholome in Valenciano from my grandpa's side. In its French pronunciation, the sound "eu" does not exist in English but you can practice below

I grew up in Paris. I learnt that happy life = (good wine + good food) * (family & friends). My better half is from the remote center of France in the Massif Central. I have lived in various places: Paris, London, NYC, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Chicago, and now St Louis

I used to read a lot but moved to mostly audio books about 10 years ago (not sure this is good). Best fiction is science fiction of course, must take the time to go back to the greats: Asimov (especially Caves of Steel and follow-ups), PK Dick, Herbert, Vance, Piers Anthony, Le Guin, Card, Resnick. After all, we're just tiny dots on a giant spaceship flying through the universe at 500k miles per hour; maybe we shouldn't take things too seriously. My goodreads page.

My father in-law is convinced there is a treasure from a templar order buried right below the old family fortified farm; there is a tombstone plaque of an alchemist and an underground tunnel that goes at least a mile but it's partly collapsed. Anybody interested in Indiana-Jonesing the site?

Mens sana in corpore sano. Did latin for 7 years and this is the only thing I have left but worth it: jog once a day with an audiobook, tried weights but could do nothing against family shrimpy genetics, swim in sea or lake when on vacation, and ski when possible. Son just graduated to double black diamonds, using old method of go up the mountain and only one way down (no need to call child services it went well). 

I am a continuing video game enthusiast. My first computer was an Apple IIc and used to play Karateka (KA!) and lode runner, which had to be loaded up with special code and changing specs, then moved on to DOS until Windows started ruining it all. Great memories on Maniac Mansion, Civ 1, Master of Magic, Dune 2. Now: mostly single-player rpg like superb must-play such as Knights of the Old Republic (NOT the mmo), XCOM, Horizon Dawn, Danganronpa, Mass Effect. I could never get into multiplayer competitive games or walking simulators like most MMOs of the World of Warcraft flavor; maybe I'm not just not good at them.

Four. Celebrating affiliated b-school faculty who received the econ nobel in various places I was working for.

Places I've been: France, Spain, Austria, Germany, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Dominican Rep., China, Australia, Bali, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Canada. Places I want to go to: South America (Brazil, Chile, Peru), Madagascar, South Africa, Japan. 

Two inspiring quotes from Jonathan Haidt:  

 “Words of wisdom, the meaning of life, perhaps even the answer sought by Borges's librarians—all of these may wash over us every day, but they can do little for us unless we savor them, engage with them, question them, improve them, and connect them to our lives”

“Love and work are to people what water and sunshine are to plants.”

Should I use ChatGPT to write referee reports in gen z?

Yo, so I just went through your paper, and I gotta keep it with you, it's not quite hitting the mark for me. I mean, I was vibin' with the idea at first, but there are some major issues that need to be addressed, you feel me?

Clarity Issues: Bro, the way you're explainin' your concepts is low-key confusing. It's like tryna decode an encrypted message. Can you break it down in a more straightforward way, like we're chattin' on TikTok or somethin'?

Data Crunching: Your data analysis game needs some serious upgrades. The charts and graphs you dropped were a total snooze-fest. Spice 'em up with some visual flair, or at least add some memes for entertainment value.

Citation Game: Your citations were kinda all over the place, my dude. You gotta give credit where it's due, and make sure you're using legit sources. Don't be flexin' those sketchy references.Ditch the Jargon: No cap, you're using way too much academic jargon. Keep it simple, fam. Break it down like you're explainin' it to your grandma.

Organization: Your paper feels like it's been through a blender and served with extra chaos sauce. Organize it better, maybe use some bullet points or headers. It's all about that user-friendly flow, ya know?

Conclusion Clapback: The way you wrapped it up was a bit anticlimactic. Give us that mic drop moment. Tell us why your paper matters and what the big takeaways are.So, yeah, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this paper needs some major tweaks before it can be considered for publication. Keep grindin', though, and you'll get there.