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Thank you for visiting my research webpage. My name is Jeremy Bertomeu and I am an associate professor of accounting at Washington University in St Louis. Before joining Wash U, I was an associate professor at UCSD and an assistant professor at Baruch College, and a visiting scholar at Northwestern University.

Currently, I'm working on a few projects:

A. The Dynamics of Concealment, with I. Marinovic, S. Terry and F. Varas

An estimation of an infinite-horizon disclosure model in which managers are forward-looking.

B. How uncertain is the market about managers' reporting objectives? Evidence from structural estimation, with E. Cheynel, E. Li and Y. Liang

An estimation of a generalized Fischer-Verrecchia (2000) with an application to estimating the noise caused by accounting manipulations.

C. Strategic Withholding and Imprecision in Asset Measurement, with E. Cheynel and D. Cianciaruso

Persuasion controls the information received in a Dye-Jung-Kwon model: in the standard Dye, no value in imprecision, but always imprecision at the marginal discloser if there are costs/benefits. The paper also includes a proof that the persuasion mechanism is partitional (intervals).

D. Disclosure and Investor Inattention, with K. Hu and Y. Liu

In a model with rational inattention, the optimal allocation of attention implies an inverse U-shaped relationship between voluntary disclosure and attention; we also provide empirical evidence.

E. Accounting and the Financial Accelerator, with E. Cheynel

About the joint interaction of optimal accounting and the financial accelerator in general equilibrium after a shock to capital stock.

F. Interplay between Accounting and Prudential Regulation, with H. Sapra and L. Mahieux

Real effects in a banking setting: capital ratios and partial reporting requirements work as complements to induce ex-ante optimal intervention.

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How to pronounce my last name: 'Bertomeu'

Many people ask me how to pronounce the 'eu' sound. It is a common French sound that, sadly for me, does not exist in English. Maybe you've heard 'les bleus' for the French soccer team and that's the sound it makes; otherwise, there are a few good youtube videos on how to say the French 'eu,' like this one and you'll get to learn many other nice-sounding French words.