Jenny Wilson - Artist



I was born in 1958 in New York, New York. My grandfather was a painter and instructor at the Arts Students League in NYC. My father was a drafting engineer and my mother, brother and sister were all gifted in the area of painting and drawing, much more so than I. I was given many opportunities to explore and develop my creativity. I attended the High School of Art and Design and was employed as a freelance graphics artist during my college years in Maine. I have a Bachelor of Music Degree in Flute Performance from the University of Southern Maine and I have studied flute and piano in Switzerland.

I am currently a working musician and composer and painter. I enjoy nature and that is why I love residing in West Virginia, my adopted home of the past 17 years. I have lived in Switzerland and Maine and I love visiting the west coast of the USA. I have two adult children and three cats. I am deeply indebted to painter Sharon Goodman for her love and encouragement in my endeavor to paint the world as I see it. I am married to bassist Nathan Wilson who is a member of the Squonk Opera, a Pittsburgh performance troupe. We make our living together as musicians. My full time job is pianist/composer and manager for my trio, the Jenny Wilson Trio.

ARTist Statement

I am inspired by geographical landscape, the landscape of the imagination and the world created in the relationships of those elements. Ceramic glazing, rocks, minerals and light are the elements that I love to look at and find myself making sculptural attempts in a two dimensional world. At this juncture I am using a printing technique that I have developed in smaller works in combination with traditional brush work. For me painting feels a little like falling in love. Beginning with the initial anticipation and uncertainty, getting to know the subject matter, choosing the palette and finally a commitment or a farewell are the steps in the dance. It is my intention to deliver work that brings the viewer into the realm of contemplation and pleasure in the viewing. The element of design and use of color are important in my finished pieces. Ultimately, the happy accident and the ability to edit become the final steps in releasing a piece of work. Perhaps we are successful in love and life when we approach it more like painting?