Congratulations To Jennifer Gowen

Post date: Apr 2, 2018 3:24:16 AM

For an artist, a commission is always an exciting challenge, but it can also be a daunting one with many decisions to be made with the client on size, palette, subject matter etc. This was the case for practising Caringbah artist, Jennifer Gowen, who is a member of FOH and also a Hazelhurst Gallery volunteer for more than 14 years.The commission for a triptych for medical business suites in the Sydney CBD followed a series of events which followed on from Jennifer’s solo exhibition at the Moran Gallery in September-October last year.

A few weeks after her solo exhibition finished, Jennifer was selected as a finalist in the national Korea-Australia Arts Foundation Art Prize 2016.

It was to be the largest commission she had attempted, but certainly an exciting one too!

Jennifer was given complete freedom on the colour palette, size and subject matter by her client. A wonderful situation for an artist to have that much freedom of expression! When the heat and humidity of summer ended, Jennifer started working in her studio in Caringbah and decided to send “works in progress” images to the CEO so that he could see the initial layers of the triptych being created. He was very happy to see her choices of colour, medium and the progress of the commissioned work, and

was looking forward to seeing it “in situ” in his modern and light- lled premises.

The triptych Coastal Light was collected, and delivered by the art courier to the 14th floor on 26 April.

The CEO is delighted with the triptych and says that there have been many positive comments from both staff and doctors.

For Jennifer it was a challenging but extremely pleasant & rewarding artistic experience.

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