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Links to 181 Data:

Vintage Promotional Materials:

Great 181 Magazines from the past: (click on date in table to see pdf files)

Type 181 Registry:

VW Thing Association of America:

*VW-Thing-Assn_Zine_No.1-3 from March, May & July 1989

*March of 1994 name changes to "The Real Thing"

The Real Thing:

Thing Stuff:

A progression of the Thing Registry and West Coast groups / Pacific Northwest

Great Thanks for 15 years of dedication to the Editor David Campbell!

181 Magazine: (name changes from Thing Stuff to 181 Magazine)

Thanks to Philip for taking over the last few years!

*end of the trail - Do you have more? I would like to add them.

N.A.T.O. "National Alliance of Thing Owners"

*After November 1996 name is changed to N.E. Thing

N.E. Thing: (Official Newsletter of the Northest VW Thing Association)

181 Magazine: (Michael's Art Shop)

A note on items above. Dates that are filled in are in my current possession. Blue hyperlinks will appear as time allows for scanning of archive. If you have items that I am missing and would like to help fill out this public 181/182 archive, please contact me. A great thanks to all that have contributed.

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Magazines from the past:

Enjoy and please feel free to download all of these if you wish. Here is a link to the Samba about this archive project.

Thread on the Samba Forum: http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=343863

Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) Maintenance and Service manuals for Type 181-In German

  1. Manual-1
  2. Manual-2
  3. Manual-3
  4. Manual-4

VW 181-Ein Wagen fur Manner, die durchkommen mussen – Fold out Brochure 8/1969

Another great Archive website The Obsolete Air-Cooled Documentation Project - BN4 info

VW Thing Shop Manual – Parts Interchange – Part Manual – Three Free Downloads!

My Air-cooled Cars

Please note that I have made an attempt to contact all the 181 Volks that were responsible for these great magazines in the day. If you know them please let them know and find out if they mind.

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Thing Adventures of the Past:

Thing Door Throughout Silicon Valley Sat. April 1st 2006

- PDF1 & - PDF2

Summer 2006 Issue of The Type 181 Magazine with TDTSV

Line of 181

VW 181 Registry - ZeeMaps - Pin your 181 / 481 Location...

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