Complete List of Publications

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Guns and Oil: The Politics of International Order

(manuscript in progress)

Petro-Aggression: When Oil Causes War (Cambridge University Press 2013)

The Promise and Peril of International Trade (Broadview Press 2005)

Selected Articles

"The Emperor Has No Clothes: The Limits of OPEC" (International Organization 2014) Colgan-OPEC - 2014.docx

"Climate change and the politics of military bases" (Global Environmental Politics 2018) Project Iceworm - Colgan - 2017Sept.docx

"Fueling the Fire: Pathways from Oil to War" (International Security 2013) Colgan - 2013 - IS.pdf

"The Liberal Order is Rigged" (Foreign Affairs 2017) (Link)

"Domestic Revolutionary Leaders and International Conflict" (World Politics 2013) Colgan - 2013 - World Politics.pdf

"Where is IR Going? Evidence from graduate training," (International Studies Quarterly 2016) IR syllabi - Colgan