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My article "The Liberal Order is Rigged" is in the May/June 2017 Foreign Affairs (with Robert Keohane)

Please use the revised version of my Democratic Erosion reading list:    I'm keeping this older version up too, to avoid broken links: Risk of Democratic Erosion Reading List v.0.2.docx [Beta version]

1. My Duck of Minerva piece on the Trump Administration at 6 months considers democratic erosion
2. My Washington Post/Monkey Cage piece on Canada Day considers how Canada has avoided the voter discontent seen in the US and UK
3. An ungated copy of my Foreign Affairs piece "Saving Liberalism" (January 13, 2017) Colgan_Othering_2017Jan Final.pdf
5. An article on manufacturing job losses - blame trade or automation? With Sarah Bauerle Danzman, at the Washington Post's Monkey Cage
6. My views on Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State nominee at Washington Post/Monkey Cage
7. My comparison in March 2016 of Trump and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, called "Is Democracy Eroding?"
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