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My article "The Liberal Order is Rigged" is in the May/June 2017 Foreign Affairs (with Robert Keohane)

Please use the revised version of my Democratic Erosion reading list:    I'm keeping this older version up too, to avoid broken links: Risk of Democratic Erosion Reading List v.0.2.docx [Beta version]

1. An ungated copy of my Foreign Affairs piece "Saving Liberalism" (January 13, 2017) Colgan_Othering_2017Jan Final.pdf
3. An article on manufacturing job losses - blame trade or automation? With Sarah Bauerle Danzman, at the Washington Post's Monkey Cage
4. My views on Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State nominee at Washington Post/Monkey Cage
5. My comparison in March 2016 of Trump and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, called "Is Democracy Eroding?"
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