Policy Commentary

Selected policy commentary and resources by Jeff Colgan are below. For more, see Foreign Affairs, the Washington Post/Monkey Cage, Foreign Policy, New Security Beat, Politico, Political Violence @ a Glance, and the Duck of Minerva.


June 2017| Foreign Affairs, with R. Keohane

November 2022| Foreign Affairs, with Nicholas Miller

There’s a reason Putin can be so aggressive: Oil

Feb 27, 2022 | Monkey Cage, The Washington Post, with J. Weeks


Biden’s Climate Report Card: 4 A’s, 2 B’s, 3 incompletes (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 2021, with T.M. Hale and S.M. Moore)

Gone Missing from Grand Strategy: Climate Change (Duck of Minerva, 2021)

Governments haven’t managed to reduce greenhouse gases. Here’s who’s taking charge in the next phase (Monkey Cage, The Washington Post 2020)

This is the biggest oil price crash in decades. That may not be great for the U.S. economy. (Monkey Cage, The Washington Post 2020)

The Climate Case Against Decoupling: Severing U.S.-Chinese Links Would Make it Impossible to Save the Environment (Foreign Affairs 2020)

This Year’s Low Oil Prices Will Hurt These Countries the Most (The Washington Post 2020, with E. Meierding)

Oil probably won’t cause a war with Iran, but it certainly adds fuel to the blaze (Monkey Cage, The Washington Post 2019)

The Market is Valuing Climate Risk All Wrong (Global Policy 2018)

Saudi Arabia hinted at a U.S. oil embargo. It’s not 1973. (Monkey Cage, The Washington Post 2018)

Saving Liberalism: Why Tolerance and Equality Are Not Enough (Foreign Affairs 2017)

Congress Worries that Climate Change will Force the U.S. to Pay Foreign Governments Millions. Here’s why (Monkey Cage, The Washington Post 2019)

OPEC's Empty Agreement: Why production cuts won't change much (Foreign Affairs 2016)

Melting Ice Threatens to Expose Former U.S. Nuclear Base in Greenland (New Security Beat 2016, with W. Colgan)

Why Washington May End its Ban on Crude Oil Exports (Foreign Affairs 2015)

How Sectarianism Shapes Yemen’s War (Monkey Cage, The Washington Post 2015)

New Evidence on Gender Bias in IR Syllabi (Duck of Minerva 2015)

Are Assigned Readings from Women Professors Different? (The Conversation 2015)

Could Energy Sanctions on Russia Work? (Lawfare 2014)

OPEC, the Phantom Menace (Monkey Cage, The Washington Post 2014)

40 Years After the Oil Crisis: Could it happen again? (Monkey Cage, The Washington Post 2013)