I have been working with clients for over 10 years and my formal qualifications are as follows: 

* BACP Certificate of Accreditation / BACP  Certificate of Proficiency
* Diploma in Relationship Counselling
* Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
* Advanced Certificate in Integrative Counselling
* Certificate in Counselling Studies / Certificate in Counselling Skills
* Foundation in Bereavement Care
* Accreditation by the Foundation for Infant Loss Training

Although I have been qualified for some time I enjoy taking part in regular CPD (continuing professional development) in order to maintain and upskill the service I can provide for my clients.  Recent topics include:

*narcissistic injuries, neglect and relational trauma   *exploring suicide risk   *the hidden nature of sexual abuse by siblings   *working with dissociative disorders   *working with trauma memories   *a trauma informed approach to supporting male survivors of rape and childhood sexual abuse   *recovery from an affair/infidelity   *destigmatising mental health in the family   *D.I.D. and dissociation   *trauma and the body   *infant loss training  *working with relational trauma   *supporting men through bereavement and loss  *counselling with a sexual focus   *working with angry couples   *trauma and dissociation   *understanding and recognising sex addiction   *working with survivors of sexual abuse by females   *working with shame   *sudden and traumatic death   *successful communication in dementia care   *mental health and couples   *sexual abuse within the family   *safe trauma therapy   *mental health and the body.