Jean Daunizeau

Brain and Spine Institute (ICM), Paris, France

Translational Neuromodelling Unit (TNU), ETH, Zurich, Switzerland.

I am co-heading the Motivation, Brain and Behaviour neuroscience research group at the ICM.

In brief, I study how the brain learns and makes decisions using neuroimaging, behavioural and computational means.

Visit this page for a summary of available research positions in the lab. And here is my CV.

Recent publications:

Is choice-induced preference change due to pre- or post-decision cognitive dissonance resolution?
D. Lee, J. Daunizeau
BioRxiv (2019), 661116.  [DOI]

A reverse Turing-test for predicting social deficits in people with Autism
B. Forgeot d'Arc, M. Devaine, J. Daunizeau
BioRxiv (2018), 414540.  [DOI]

Reading wild minds: a computational assay of Theory of Mind sophistication across seven primate species
M. Devaine, A. San-Galli, C. Trapanese, G. Bardino, C. Hano,  M. St Jalme, S. Bouret, S. Masi, J. Daunizeau
PLoS Comp. Biol. (2017), 13(11): e1005833.  [PubMed]   [INSERM press release]

Learning about and from others' prudence, impatience or laziness: the computational bases of attitude alignment
M. Devaine, J. Daunizeau
PLoS Comp. Biol. (2017), 13(3): e1005422.  [PubMed]   [France TV-info video]   [INSERM press release]

The BRAiN'US project:

You want to help us crowdsourcing neuroscience experiments?

BRAiN’US is a free smartphone app gathering 8 fun tests, which we have designed to decompose the way the brain makes decisions.

You play and we acquire data, which will fuel an ongoing global analysis of human cognitive skills!