Jean Daunizeau

Brain and Spine Institute (ICM), Paris, France

Translational Neuromodelling Unit (TNU), ETH, Zurich, Switzerland.

I am co-heading the Motivation, Brain and Behaviour neuroscience research group at the ICM.

In brief, I study how the brain learns and makes decisions using neuroimaging, behavioural and computational means.

Visit this page for a summary of available research positions in the lab. And here is my CV.

Recent publications:

Meet me in the middle: brain-behavior mediation analysis for fMRI experiments
J. Brochard, J. Daunizeau
BioRxiv (2020) 2020.10.17.343798 [DOI]

Blaming blunders on the brain: can indifferent choices be driven by range adaptation or synaptic plasticity?
J. Brochard, J. Daunizeau
BioRxiv (2020) 2020.09.08.287714 [DOI]

How choice-induced preference change might actually be instrumental to decision-making
D. Lee, J. Daunizeau
PLoS ONE (2020), in press.

An overcomplete approach to fitting drift-diffusion decision models to trial-by-trial data
Q. Feltgen, J. Daunizeau
BioRxiv (2020), [DOI]

Social behavioural adaptation in Autism
B. Forgeot d'Arc, M. Devaine,  J. Daunizeau
PLoS Comp. Biol. (2020), 16(3): e1007700. [DOI]

Trading effort for confidence: the metacogntiive control of value-based decision making
D. Lee,  J. Daunizeau
BioRxiv (2019), 837054 [DOI]

The BRAiN'US project:

You want to help us crowdsourcing neuroscience experiments?

BRAiN’US is a free smartphone app gathering 8 fun tests, which we have designed to decompose the way the brain makes decisions.

You play and we acquire data, which will fuel an ongoing global analysis of human cognitive skills!

You are interested in the DCM-covid project?

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Oh, and here is my personal selection of candidates for the IgNobel Prize.