Jean Daunizeau

Brain and Spine Institute (ICM), Paris, France

Translational Neuromodelling Unit (TNU), ETH, Zurich, Switzerland.

I am currently a group leader at ICM (team Motivation Brain and Behaviourand an honorary fellow at the TNU.

I am interested in how the brain learns and makes decisions. I am also designing computational approaches for inference on complex systems.

Visit this page for a summary of my current research directions. And here is my CV.

The BRAiN'US project:

BRAiN’US is a smartphone app gathering 8 fun tests, which we have designed to decompose the way the brain makes decisions.

Let's crowdsource brain experiments!

Recent publications:

Does the way we read others' mind change over the lifespan? Insights from a massive web poll of cognitive skills from childhood to late adulthood.
D. Klindt, M. Devaine, J. Daunizeau
Cortex (2016), in press. [PubMed]

Dynamic Causal Modelling of brain-behaviour relationships
Rigoux L., Daunizeau J.
Neuroimage (2015), 117: 202-221. [PubMed]

The social Bayesian brain: does mentalizing make a difference when we learn?
Devaine M., Hollard G., Daunizeau J.
PLoS Comp. Biol. (2014), 10(12): e1003992. [PubMed]

Bayesian model selection for group studies - revisited

Rigoux L., Stephan K. E., Friston K. J., Daunizeau  J.

Neuroimage (2014), 84: 971-985. [Pubmed]