Pre-Listing / Pre-Sale Inspection

BE PREPARED!!!  All real estate agents advise their clients to perform a home inspection. This can cost a seller thousands of dollars in buyer credits at the close of escrow. When you perform a pre-sale inspection you can mitigate your loss and net more money at closing. Stop playing the buyer's inspection game!!!

A standard pre-listing / pre-sale inspection includes a non-invasive non-technically exhaustive visual and mechanical overview of all of the properties vital systems including but not limited to:

·        Roof, vents, flashings, and trim

·        Gutters and downspouts

·        Skylight, chimney and other roof penetrations

·        Decks, porches, stoops, walkways, and railings

·        Eaves, fascia, and soffit

·        Exterior grading and drainage

·        Basement, foundation and crawlspace

·        Water penetration

·        Foundation movement

·        Heating systems

·        Cooling systems

·        Main water shutoff valves

·        Water heating system

·        Interior plumbing, fixtures, and faucets

·        Drainage sump pumps (with accessible     floats)

·        Electrical service line and meter box

·        Main disconnect and service amperage

·        Electrical panels, breakers and fuses

·        Grounding and bonding

·        GFCIs and AFCIs

·        Fireplace door, damper, hearth

·        Insulation and ventilation

·        Garage doors, openers, and safety sensors

 A pre-listing / pre-sale inspection gives the seller an opportunity to choose the inspector of their choice and schedule an inspection at their convenience. The inspection may alert the seller to items of immediate concern such as safety issues, plumbing issues, and electrical hazards to name a few. The seller is able to have full access to the inspector during the inspection which is not normal during a buyer’s inspection. The report can help the seller with realistic pricing of the home if problems do exist. The pre-sale inspection can also help the seller substantiate a higher asking price for the property.  A seller’s inspection report gives the seller time to make necessary repairs and shop for the best valued contractors. The seller’s inspection allows for the seller to attach repair estimates or receipts to the inspection report showing that an issue was addressed and corrected or what the cost would be to resolve the issue. This absolves the seller from being bullied by over inflated contractor cost that the buyer may bring to the negotiation table. A PRE-SALE INSPECTION CAN SAVE YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AND ULTIMATELY NET YOU MORE MONEY AT CLOSING!!!




Package includes:

·        Pre-inspected home yard signage

o   Telling potential buyers that you as a seller have taken the time to insure they will be buying a quality home.

·        Inspection and report

o   Alerting you to any deficiencies that may exist in your home.

·        Marketing on JDA's pre-inspected homes web page.

o   Buyers looking on my page will be able to see your home listed on my page as a pre-inspected home.

·        List of contractors and handymen that are in good standing with JDA

o   So you can have qualified professionals fix problems that may exist in your home and on your property.