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I have the unique ability of looking at tax and accounting in a creative, multifacted way. My 30 years expertise in Tax, Audit, Bookkeeping while working at all jobs from the bottom up in the public, private and nonprofit sectors has afforded me a well rounded view of looking at any tax or accounting situation.

People sometimes think CPAs live in a static, black and white, orderly way. I can assure you that my line of work is far from that. While there are some very clear black and white laws, many areas can be looked at several different ways because the law is actually very gray. The law is very complex, and is gray because they design the law to cover everyone, yet everyone's situation is uniquely different. There are very conservative CPAs who side more with the IRS' interpretation; and then there are aggressive CPAs who challenge and stretch the boundaries of the interpretation. However, one must be careful to stay within the boundaries of the law.

That is what I mean by Saving you Money by Using Tax Laws to Your Advantage. Sometimes people will be misguided and put down nonexistent deductions when they could have saved more money by using legitimate laws to their advantage. These people just don't know the law. Part of my full service commitment is to make sure my clients are educated so they know what to look out for and keep track of during the year.