After Scheduling an Appointment

Thank you for scheduling your tax appointment!

I will need the following for your appointment.

  1. Questionnaire answered

  2. tax documents. New people, need last 3 years tax returns


click on link below, fill it out, submit & I will receive it

Tax Documents

In order to process your tax return in a timely manner, please provide your documents to me about a week ahead of time.

You may do this via:

Note - noone else can view these documents except myself.

Please wait to submit all documents at one time and put your last name in the file name

    • You can drop them off in person. Please leave them in the dresser on the portch. It is very secluded area. Text me at 253-737-8111 when you leave them and I will retrieve them shortly.

    • Email them

    • if there are not many documents you can even take a picture and text it to me at 253-737-8111. if you have more than 3 documents please use a different method.


I will need your last 3 years tax returns, and I will also do a free cursory review to make sure you got the most refund.

ANYDESK remote software

If you do not have the app, click this link prior to your appointment and download the free version (click on the Download Now red button). you will know you are at the right screen when it says

This Desk with a 9 digit number, and Remote desk with a box to enter my remote address.

Thank you!