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Fall 2018 JAVA LAKE COLONY Newsletter

Please Click On the following link below to view the Fall 2018 Java Lake Colony President's Letter prepared by Michelle Brown, JLC Board President.


Minutes of the July 6, 2018 Annual Meeting can be viewed by clicking on the following link below:


New York State has a septic replacement program, please check out the Septic Info page for more information

-- The above spectacular views of the lake was photographed by John Palesh III


Java Lake Colony has changed the email address that is uses for communication purposes to javalakecolonyinc@gmail.com

For those who have received emails in the past, you have been added to the new email contact list. An email was just sent out about the email change and Fall 2018 Newsletter. If you did not receive an email from the colony or would like to start receiving emails, please send us your name and email address to javalakecolonyinc@gmail.com. Also, please add this new email to you contact list. Emails are used for newsletters, events, docks in/out, and anything else the colony needs to communicate to its members. Please email us questions, concerns, general colony maintenance needs, thoughts on future improvements.

Photograph by John Palesh III

Notice Non-Residents Fishing or Boating in the Lake?

Here are the non-emergency telephone numbers for the

State Police 1-585-786-5152

D.E.C. 1-844-332-3267.

Java Lake Conservation Club

The Java Lake Conservation Booster Club was organized to provide events/activities to support and earn monies to promote the

upkeep and repairs to the Conservation Club building and grounds. Thanks for attending the 2018 events.

Here's a link to their Facebook page


Revised: Click the above link to view listings and more.

Want to sell a row boat? Need a Contractor?

Want to sell or buy a lot?

> LISTINGS UPDATED 12/23/2018 <

Java Lake Colony Rules

The Colony's rules have been reviewed and updated by the Board of Directors

It can be accessed by clicking on Colony Rules of Conduct in the menu bar


Revised May, 2017

2019 Update Coming Soon

Wondering who owns the cottage next to you? Click on the subpage map of cottage owners and get to know all your neighbors or find out where someone you met at the beach lives. (Note: An updated map current as of April, 2017 is now available). See the Subpages below - Java Lake Cottage and Lot Owner's Information.) The map contains only cottage owners. The listings contain information about both cottage and lot owners.

Water Quality News

For the Latest CSLAP Water Quality Report on Java Lake passed out at the Annual Meeting July 2, 2016, see the Water Quality page or click on this link:


Blue-Green Algae blooms are an annual concern. This is related to high phosphorous levels caused by the waste-water handling systems from lake residences and agriculture around the lake.

More Water Quality News


The Division of Water has posted new announcements on its webpage. Go to the Division of Water webpage (www.dec.ny.gov/about/661.html) to read the latest information.

Blue-Green Algae Bloom Notices

  • New information about lakes with blue-green algae bloom notices are posted on DEC's Blue-Green Algal Bloom Notices webpage.
      • Because waterbodies may have blue-green algae blooms that have not been reported to DEC, if you see it, we recommend avoiding contact with floating rafts, scum and discolored water. If you see it, avoid it and report it!
  • What does the archive report tell you: The archived notices web page is a valuable resource when planning water recreation activities. The archived notices web page is updated weekly during the notification season (June through October) with the waterbodies that no longer have evidence of a bloom. The waterbody name, county, last known status date and the bloom status are listed in the table. Because bloom conditions can change frequently some waterbodies may be listed multiple times. At the end of the notification season, the information on the archive web page is summarized in a document and posted on the web page.
  • Report a suspected bloom: If you suspect you have seen a blue-green algae bloom, or you, your family or pet has been in contact with a blue-green algae bloom, please follow the instructions for reporting a bloom to DEC.

This service is provided to you by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. We respect your right to privacy and welcome your feedback.

For Additional Information about the Java area:

Keep current with area news at www.arcadeherald.com

Discover area attractions at https://www.gowyomingcountyny.com/explore/experience/attractions