Science & Fiction: Better Together

SCIENCE: Dr. Jason M. Harley is a tenure-track assistant professor of educational technology and psychology at the University of Alberta and Director of the Computer-Human Interaction: Technology, Education, and Affect (CHI-TEA) Laboratory (2016-present). He completed his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at McGill University in the summer of 2014 and held concurrent postdoctoral fellow positions in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Montréal and in the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology at McGill from 2014-2015. Jason's research focuses on advancing knowledge on dynamic cognitive, affective and metacognitive (CAM) processes related to users’ interaction with technology. His research has examined these processes in intelligent tutoring systems, serious and commercial games, mobile augmented reality applications, and medical simulations. He is particularly interested in continuing to explore temporal patterns in learners’ psychological processes through the use of diverse and cutting-edge methodologies including automatic facial expression recognition software, electrodermal activation (EDA) and heart rate (HR) bracelets, eye-tracking monitors and headsets, and log files. Check out his scientific publications and presentations. Jason's research and teaching have also lead to appearances on Global News, CTV News, CBC Radio, The Edmonton Journal, and other media outlets.

FICTION: Jason is a life-long enthusiast of speculative fiction. Translation: when he's not in his office, lab, or a lecture hall he can probably be found reading or writing science fiction, paranormal horror, or fantasy. Nothing makes him happier than when his research and fiction writing cross over. Whether helping him exploit the underpinnings of fear from his interdisciplinary research on emotion or re-imagining innovative ways of extending current human-computer interactions, science can be a wonderful muse. Check out his fiction publications.