This site contains some of my stuff for the Celestia space simulator. It is quite recent and it is continuously ....

Under construction

A while ago (dec 2010) I became more active again with Celestia and decided to create a script to make it easier to travel between the various spacecrafts. It turned out that there was an interest in the script from the Celestia comunity, so I needed a place on the net where it could be downloaded and where I could maintain it. This became that  place.

Since it would be a waste of space to reserve a 'whole site' for just the one script I will use this site as a place to collect my adventures with Celestia, which will probably mainly be in the area of scripting. So this site will be my Celestia, celx, lua scratchpad.
I'm an old horse in programming but the Spacecraft script is my first go at celx. I have no foregoing experience with either celx or lua, so I have some catching up to do. I'll keep notes about that catching up on these pages; maybe others who start writing celx can take advantage of it.

jan.stegehuis at google mail
Hoogmade, The Netherlands