Jung Lab

I am a biomedical engineer, pursuing my research career in regenerating tissues with engineered biomaterials and stem cells.  While much interest is given to stem cell biology for Regenerative Medicine applications, the roles of the extracellular matrix (ECM) in stem cell differentiation, soft tissue regeneration and therapeutics are under-explored.  My strong interest is to develop strategies to guide stem cell differentiation by engineered biomaterials. Thus, I have developed biomaterial platforms enabling multifactorial optimization to systematically tune multiple biophysical and biochemical factors directing stem cell differentiation.  Such systematic approaches will guide efforts to engineer niches that harbor stem cells and engineered microenvironments, aiming to apply compositional information for tissue fabrication and therapeutics.

Our primary research areas include 
1) basic - cardiac tissue regeneration
2) translational - skin tissue regeneration (Epidermolysis Bullosa)
3) clinical applications utilizing engineered biomaterials