xtdcce2 and xtcd2 (on SSC)

xtdcce2 estimates heterogeneous coefficient models using common correlated effects in a dynamic panel. xtcd2 tests for cross sectional dependence. Download and more infos are available here.

A new version is available from within Stata: net install xtdcce2, from(


multishell allows the efficient processing of loops and of multiple do files across a single and multiple computers. multishell dissects forvalues and foreach loops and creates for each variation (tasks) a separate do file. The do files are queued and sequentially processed. Besides the do file, a .bat file is created for each task. Then Stata's build in shell command is used to start a new instance of Stata using the .bat file. The instance is closed as soon as the task is completed (or failed, then it is reported) and a new instance processing the next task is started. One instance is reserved to organise the tasks and starts other instances. Multiple instances can be run in parallel on the same computer.

Install from within Stata using: net install multishell, from( or ssc install multishell

See helpfile.

Slides for 2018 London Stata User Group Meeting.

mmat2tex (on SSC)

mmat2tex exports a Mata matrix into LaTeX table format and saves it. Only the body of the table (i.e. rows and columns) is created, but further LaTeX commands at the beginning and end of the table can be included. The mata matrix can be string, real or complex.

Installation in Stata type "ssc mmat2tex" or download the package here.

A new version is available from within Stata: net install mmat2tex, from(


splag creates spatial lags using weights from a dataset. Can be installed in Stata by typing: net install splag , from(

The latest versions of all commands can be retrieved from within Stata by typing net from in the command window.