"Estimating Dynamic Common Correlated Effects in Stata". 2018, The Stata Journal, 18:3, 585 - 617

Published version (gated), working paper (SEEC Discussion Paper Series No 8, July 2016 - please note, this paper describes a very early version of xtdcce2. For updates see the The Stata Journal article or the help file.)

"Cross-country convergence in a general Lotka–Volterra model". 2018, Spatial Economic Analysis, 13:2, 191 - 211

Published version (gated)

"A Monte Carlo study of the BE estimator for growth regressions" (with Erich Gundlach). 2016, Empirical Economics, 51:31–55

Link on Springer, STATA Code for simulations.

Working Paper

"Stochastic frontier model choice with unobserved heterogeneity: A Monte Carlo study" with Antonio Carvalho. 2018

"Estimating Long Run Effects in Stata using xtdcce2". CEERP Working Paper Series No 007. 2019


Economic Growth and Migration" SEEC Discussion Paper Series No 6, December 2014


Media Articles

"Venezuela's economic collapse is laid bare when you look at how little energy the country is consuming" with Antonio Carvalho. March 2019. The Conversation.


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