Initial prints

Post date: Apr 2, 2014 12:25:53 AM

Its great that it can print right out of the box. Minor issue with of adhesion to print base without a raft and with larger prints though, but a great start compared to my attempt with Solidoodle.

What settings do you guys print with? Any adhesion like raft? Or heat curtain?

Print failed without raft

First test print!
Print head was dragging a ball of broken raft material halfway through the print :(
Left: solidoodle (incomplete) 300um, right buccaneer 100um

Print with raft, but a little issue when some strands of the raft came loose and curled up around the print head, later falling off and glitching the base of the cube.

That said, the exterior is much smoother at 100um compared to the 300um I was using with the solidoodle (left, green partial cube). I guess with a heated bed (buccaneer 2.0) this wouldn't be a problem.

Unlevelled print bed. Top appears to be more "squashed" and the bottom started peeling off the surface.

With larger prints, realized that print bed was not level w.r.t the print head. A slight height deviation of 1mm end to end would cause an obvious deformity in the raft, resulting in lesser adhesion to the print bed.