Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Buy Stuff from Lulu?

1. Go to http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/roamingastro

2. Click on a desired item, and then click the Add to Cart button.

3. You will then see your item on the Shopping Cart page.

4. To keep shopping, select the Continue Shopping button.

5. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 until you are done.

6. When you are done, select from the "Shopping Cart" page the Checkout >> button.

7. At the "Checkout" screen, you will be asked for your Lulu membership credentials. If you are not already a Lulu member, create your account by providing an email address and a password, and then selecting the Continue Checkout button.

8. Continue through the process of providing your billing and shipping information for your order.

9. Once you complete your purchase, you will receive from Lulu an email confirmation of your order and an estimated delivery date. If you purchased and item for download, you will receive a link and/or instructions on how to download your purchase from your Lulu account.

How Do I Buy Stuff from Amazon?

1. Go to http://www.amazon.com

2. Search for the desired book title.

3. Select the desired format for purchase.

4. Add the item to your Shopping Cart.

5. If you are not already a member of Amazon, follow the screen instructions to become a member of Amazon and then complete your purchase.