Current undergraduate teaching

2019-20: Environmental Philosophy and Philosophical Problems.

Previous undergraduate teaching


2018-19: Environmental Philosophy and Philosophical Problems, with contributions to Modern Readings, Philosophy and Other Subjects, and Knowledge, Science, and Proof.

2017-18: Nature, humanity & environmental values: the philosophy of the environment, and Modern Readings


2017-18: Future People and Climate Ethics, and Experimental Philosophy.

2016-17: Meaning of Life, Environmental Ethics: Climate Justice, and Experimental Philosophy.

2015-16: Climate Justice, Experimental Philosophy, and Philosophy of Science.


2014-15: Introduction to Ethics, and Reason and Argument


I have supervised masters dissertations on pluralism in ethics, free will and determinism, and on the capabilities approach.

I have supervised masters essays on art and moral knowledge, ethical evaluation of art, cultural appropriation, moral particularism, value pluralism, bioethics, and philosophy of time.

I have supervised undergraduate dissertations on epicurean environmental ethics, ethics of alcohol consumption, political philosophy, philosophy of religion, reproductive ethics, the ethics of trans* issues, and bioethics.

I have no current graduate students, but would be happy to act as second supervisor on PhD projects, particularly in areas such as philosophical methods, experimental philosophy, empirical moral psychology, and similar.