My research focuses on philosophical methods. In particular, I ask questions about the place of intuitions and empirical research in philosophy. 

My research also touches on issues in epistemology, ethics, free will and moral responsibility, philosophy of language, metaphysics and aesthetics.

I am also a founder member of Experimental Philosophy Group UK.

Forthcoming Articles

Third Person Knowledge Ascriptions: A Crucial Experiment for Contextualism. Mind & Language(with Jumbly Grindrod and Nat Hansen) 

Lay intuitions about epistemic normativity. Synthese. (with Pendaran Roberts and Kelly Schmidtke)

English Language and Philosophy, in Knight & Adolphs, English Language and Digital Humanities, Routledge (with Jonathan Tallant)

Aesthetic Testimony and Experimental Philosophy, in Réhault & Cova, Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Aesthetics, Bloomsbury

Published Articles

Intuition-talk: Virus or Virtue? 2017. Philosophia.

Qualitative tools & experimental philosophy. 2016. Philosophical Psychology. (preprint)

Thin, fine and with sensitivity: a metamethodology of intuitions2016. Review of Philosophy and Psychology. (preprint)

How 'intuition' exploded. 2015.  Metaphilosophy. (preprint)

Intuitions, disagreement, and referential pluralism. 2014. Review of Philosophy and Psychology. (preprint)

Other Academic Writing

Intuitions. 2015. Analysis. (A critical notice of Booth & Rowbottom, eds.)

Intuitions in the Face of Diversity. 2014. PhD Thesis, University of Nottingham.


Some of my research is collaborative. Here are some of my collaborators.
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