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Object Oriented Programming Tutorial in C#

A popular tutorial that introduces the concept of "class as blueprint."

Sound Reinforcement Tutorial

 16 Channel Mixer Surface Mounted
 Power Strip Rack Mounted
 Effects Reverb/Delay Rack Mounted
 Snake 16X4
 Power Strip Rack Mounted
 Main Power Amp
 Monitor Power Amp
 Speaker Cables
 Main Speakers
 Wedge Monitors

Learn how to setup and run sound reinforcement for a small band using this tutorial.

Android to iOS4 Programming Tutorial

A tutorial on transitioning from programming Android to iOS4.

Android Programming Tutorial on Mac OSX

This tutorial is designed to reduce your frustration if you are trying to learn how to program for the Android Phone on Mac OSX 10.5

Welding/ Cutting Table Design and Build

Some pictures of my build of a welding/ cutting table. The vise can be quickly removed by pulling a receiver pin.

RV-12 LSA Project

My build log of a small LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) plane.

1977 Honda CB750K Project

Here are some pictures of a 1977 Honda CB750K.

1962 Jaguar E Coupe Project

62 E Type Coupe. 150 mph, four wheel independent suspension, disk brakes and NO SEAT BELTS. Yikes.

Here is the ongoing saga.

About JAL:

Retired Sysop CompuServe Internet Publishing Forum (Acoustic coupler 300 baud required) where I objected to the statement that "Java would never be used for a real application", then wrote and uploaded the "Java Address Book" application which included a quick-sort algorithm implemented in Java.
Co-Author "Visual Cafe for Java Explorer, Database Development Edition" Coriolis 1998.
Author of a popular tutorial on Object Oriented Programming in C# (2003). At the time, the prevailing teaching method was "class as cookie cutter". Looking for a better teaching analogy, I introduced the concept of class as blueprint.

JAL Computing Inc. is an Oregon Business Corporation.