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Hi and welcome!
I am an Assistant Professor at the Energy Analytics & Markets (ELMA) group of Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE), Department of Electrical Engineering (DTU Elektro), Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Click here to see my official DTU webpage!

My research in a nutshell:
My current research focus includes power systems, electricity markets and mathematical tools (such as optimization, complementarity modeling, and decomposition) to answer economic questions about energy systems. In particular, I am interested in research works related to energy market design, renewable energy integration, operations, planning, integrated energy systems and so on. 


  • Nov. 22, 2017: Lazaros Exizidis will be defending his PhD thesis entitled "Electricity markets with high wind power penetration: Information sharing and incentive-compatibility" on December 5, 2017 at University of Mons, Belgium. I jointly supervised his PhD work with F. Vallee and Z. De Greve. His PhD thesis is available here: View Download. Lazaros will be joining ENTSO-E as a market modeling advisor.
  • Oct. 27, 2017: I will be teaching a 3-week special course on "Large-scale optimization problems in energy systems: applications of decomposition techniques" in January 2018. The course description is available here: View Download
  • Opening: There is a postdoc position in the ELMA group in "Market design for demand response resources and integrated energy systems". Apply here! The deadline for application is October 25, 2017.
  • Sep. 18, 2017: I will be giving a talk based on this paper at European Conference on Stochastic Optimization (ESCO 2017), Rome, Italy, 20-22 Sep. 2017.
  • Sep. 1, 2017: Anna Schwele joined us as a PhD student. She will work on efficient and scalable market design for renewable-based integrated energy systems (CORE project). Anna received a double M.Sc. degree between DTU and TU Munich in Operations Research and Management Science in 2017.
  • Sep. 1, 2017: Vladimir Dvorkin joined us as a PhD student. He will work on advanced game-theoretical aspects in electricity markets. Vladimir received a M.Sc. degree in Sustainable Energy from DTU in 2017 and another M.Sc. degree in Economics from Higher School of Economics in Moscow in 2014.
  • Aug. 8, 2017: Accepted! Our paper E. Nasrolahpour, J. Kazempour, H. Zareipour, and W. D. Rosehart, "A bilevel model for participation of a storage system in energy and reserve markets," has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy. [paper]
  • Aug. 2. 2017: Invited to give a talk at Skoltech, Moscow, Russia, at the 3rd International Conference of Skoltech Center for Energy Systems Science for Energy Systems Regulation, Oct. 12-13, 2017.
  • Aug. 2. 2017: Invited to run a single-day workshop at University of Tabriz, Iran, on "Modern Challenges in Electricity Markets: An Optimization Perspective", Aug. 27, 2017. [link]
  • Jul. 31, 2017: Accepted! Our paper N. Mazzi, J. Kazempour, and P. Pinson, "Price-taker offering strategy in electricity pay-as-bid markets," has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Power Systems. [paper]
  • Jul. 25, 2017: Anna Schwele will be defending her master thesis on "Impact of unit commitment constraints on generation expansion decisions under wind uncertainty", DTU Lyngby campus, building 325, room 101, 1pm. [thesis]
  • Jul. 17, 2017: Five master projects are available for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018. See projects here: Download
  • Jul. 6, 2017: Vladimir Dvorkin will be defending his master thesis on "Multi-stage strategic investment in CCGTs and wind power units via progressive hedging", DTU Lyngby campus, building 325, room 101, 9am. [thesis]
  • Jun. 23, 2017: Invited to give a talk at Imperial College London (Control and Power Group) on "Applications of Bilevel Programming to Power Systems and Electricity Markets". [slides]
  • Jun. 19, 2017: Christos Ordoudis will be presenting our paper "Exploiting flexibility in coupled electricity and natural gas markets: A price-based approach" at IEEE PowerTech 2017, Manchester, UK. [paper]
  • Jun. 1, 2017: Niklas Vespermann joined ELMA Group as a research assistant to work together on the EcoGrid 2.0 project. We will develop an offering strategy for demand response providers and aggregators in balancing electricity markets.
  • Opening: I am looking for an excellent PhD student to work on "Advanced Game-Theoretical Aspects in Electricity Markets". Apply here! The application deadline is June 21, 2017.
  • Jun. 12-16, 2017: DTU Summer School 2017: After last year's successful summer school, we organize our second summer school on "Modern Challenges in Power System Operation and Electricity Markets: An Optimization Perspective". Looking forward to welcoming you in Copenhagen! The deadline for registration is May 7, 2017.
  • Apr. 30, 2017: Accepted! Our two-part paper J. Kazempour and B. F. Hobbs, "Value of Flexible Resources, Virtual Bidding, and Self-Scheduling in Two-Settlement Electricity Markets With Wind Generation" has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Power Systems. [part I, part II]
  • Opening: I am looking for an excellent PhD student to work on "Efficient and Scalable Market Design for Renewable-based Integrated Energy Systems". Apply here! The deadline for application is May 15, 2017.