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Jacqui has been at the forefront of digital learning innovation for many years, mostly working in year 0-8 classrooms throughout the North Island. Jacqui is renowned for her ever popular “Walk the Talk” where she models technology integration pedagogy as an ‘in residence’ week for teachers from all over the country to observe and learn from. Jacqui has a plethora of resources, websites, courses and workshops which are known, trusted and used by teachers locally, nationally and internationally.

Jacqui is based in Auckland and is currently servicing PLD contracts in Auckland, Northland and Taranaki.


Thanks so much for enabling me to have time with Jacqui today. I found it so valuable and learnt so much. I cannot wait to implement some of what I have learnt today into my planning.

Somerville Intermediate

Thank you so much for a fantastic day today! My head is full of ideas to try and your resources are inspirational.

Somerville Intermediate

On behalf of all of the teams here at Alfriston, a huge heartfelt thanks for your amazing work getting us set up to provide quality, differentiated online learning for our students during this extraordinary time. Our learners will really benefit from being able to access this over the coming weeks.

Alfriston School

Many thanks for your fabulous work with our teachers. It is interesting to read your report to identify what teachers are asking for help with. You are so generous with sharing your resources. When we are planning in our teams teachers often say what about Jacqui’s resources. We really appreciate how generous you continue to be in a allowing us to access your work, which has taken you so much time to develop.

Point View School

Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for the PD today. It was very useful and insightful.

Viscount School

Thank you for a very productive session this morning Jacqui. I really learnt a lot from you.

Viscount School

Just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for us this year. It's been a pleasure being able to work with you and I look forward to continuing our DL journey in 2019.

St Joseph's School Opunake

Thank you. Teachers were very positive and enthusiastic about your visit. Look forward to working again with you in 2019.

Urenui School

Thanks Jacqui for your term 4 report. We really appreciate your time mentoring our teachers and the impact on learning that your expertise has on so many of our teachers and subsequently their students.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful resources, which is so very generous of you.

Point View School

Teachers were enthusiastic after school and sounded motivated to work on their goals. I am pleased that you are back in three weeks to follow up as I think that this will encourage them to continue to work on their bank of resources. You are doing a great job! Thank you for coming to our school and working with the teachers.

Urenui School

I really enjoyed today Jacqui thanks so much, I really feel like I am getting somewhere with integrating digital work with my littlies according to their specific needs. It was a great day, thanks so much for your help especially with the handwriting!!!

Uruti School

Thank you Jacqui for your time mentoring our teachers. I get excellent feedback on how helpful you are in guiding them into their next learning.

Point View School

Many thanks for all you have done to support me over the years. Much of my own development has been through my connection with you and I am eternally grateful.

Botany Downs

Thank you so much for today. I really love the way that you work with us as novices but are so accepting and down to earth. You have been so generous to us with allowing us to use your resources. I love how we can use your ideas straight away.

Kingsway School

Huge thanks to you for the fabulous mentoring of so many of our staff throughout the year. It’s interesting to read your term’s report, which clearly shows the diverse capabilities of our teachers. Your ability to grow teacher’s capabilities is greatly appreciated. We are immensely grateful to you for the generous sharing of your resources that you have spent so much time developing. When we are planning in our teams a teacher will often share one of your resources, which you have shown them. Your professionalism and expertise is greatly appreciated.

Point View School

Your presentation was one of the most enjoyable I have attended (that wasn’t hands on) in a long time, so much appreciate the follow through.

Goldfields School

I just wanted to follow up on your really awesome training session last week in Hamilton, it made me realise that I have to just suck it up and embrace "Google" etc or get lost in a "cave".

Deanwell School

Thanks Jacqui and thanks for the impact you have had on PVS over many years. You have been inspirational to all our teachers - at all levels - and I have particularly grateful for the way you have kept our high flyers buzzing and reaching out over the years. I have spent the last few days meeting individually with teachers going over their individual portfolios and was just so impressed with the collective expertise and the reflection and growth in those. Such commitment to using digital contexts as well - and you have been a massive part of the digital development and the reflection and growth mindset. THANK YOU so much

Point View School

Working with Jacqui Sharp has had a dynamic impact on my teaching practice. Traditionally a pen and paper teacher I now consider myself a 21st-century educator thanks to Jacqui. I use digital workshops in all facets of my teaching and students are able to access these independently from the teacher to create their own learning pathways. The resource website that Jacqui has developed for us is comprehensive. I use it for teaching and modelling as well as for student to access independently, with a group or at home.


Jacqui sharp has been pivotal in my on going professional development within elearning and leadership. With her guidance and knowledge I was able to develop my skills and recently become an assistant principal and elearning leader at my current school. Her website enables ongoing professional development and rich content which is so useful for teachers in a 21st century classroom. Without her knowledge and guidance I would not have achieved what I have today.


Jacqui has been an incredible e-learning leader and mentor. She is always ready to share her wealth of knowledge, ideas and resources. Working with Jacqui has shaped my entire teaching programme and the way I approach lessons, making resources and my classroom set up. Her support has been invaluable, especially for me as a beginning teacher.


Firstly I would like to express my appreciation for the work that Jacqui Sharp has done with me. I have been here for 1 year and during my first 6 months I taught in the Maori Immersion Unit. Jacqui produced resources in Maori that facilitated learning for our children learning in Te Reo Maori. She also taught me how to use the mimio board and make Maori resources to support my learning programmes. I am now in the mainstream class and continue to utilise fully Jacqui Sharp's Resources website with so many valuable resources for the children in my class.


Thanks for today. Although it was a short session, I really enjoyed the resources and ideas you shared. I'm already feeling pretty inspired and ready to put them into action. From speaking with other teachers, there's a lot of positivity and enthusiasm on the ideas they received too.

Te Hihi School

Lots of great feedback from the staff yesterday/Friday - great to hear a buzz around! Thanks for your support, resources and professional development.

Waiau Pa

Many, many thanks for your patience and fantastic support!! What an incredible source of information you always are!! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction - this is JUST what I was looking for!!!

Teacher Point View

Thank you so much Jacqui for inspiring me.

This was a good learning experience.

Teacher Botany downs