one of Jack's Hacks

Java Gameboy 0.1

by Jack Palevich

This is a Nintendo Gameboy emulator written entirely in Java. It is based on Marat Fayzullin's VGB 0.7 emulator and the Jasper 1.1 Spectrum Sinclair Emulator.

This is the non-commercial
Game Boy ROM


Start makes the sliding door go up and down.

Click on the applet with your mouse to give it focus, and then:

KeyGameboy button
ESCToggle printing trace information to the Java Console.

I wrote this over Christmas vacation 1997. I used the Gameboy-specific code from VGB 0.7 and I used the Z80 emulator from the Jasper emulator. I had to hand-translate the VGB code from C to Java.

Java Gameboy is very slow, and it's not very compatible. (For example, I don't think it plays any commercial ROMs.) Most of the bugs were introduced when I converted the C code to Java. Java doesn't have an unsigned byte data type, so I had to make a lot of changes. I bet someone could fix this to work pretty well if they wanted to. Let me know if you make any improvements.

Download classes and Source Code (100K).