Jack's Hacks

Do stuff that makes you happy!


    • JJDict - a Java based Japanese-English Dictionary based on Jim Breen's JDICT dictionary

    • JJReader - a Japanese text displayer with dictionary lookup

    • Java 3D for Windows NT - Java utilities for 3D graphics on Windows NT

    • JavaGameboy - a Java Nintendo GameBoy emulator

    • Web Dandy - a Javascript version of my Dandy Dungeon game

    • Brick Break - a Javascript Breakout clone





    • I work at Google on mobile phone software.

    • Before that, I worked at Microsoft on Xbox game libraries.

    • Before that, I worked at WebTV, on games for set-top-boxes.

    • Before that, I worked at Netscape on the Communicator Composer HTML editor.

    • Before that, I used to work at Taligent, Inc. There's a neat Taligent Alumni Page.

    • I've also worked at Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Atari, and the NIST.

    • I went to MIT. My dormitory was New House II. My undergraduate thesis, Thesis of Terror, was published as the 8-bit Atari game Dandy, and served as the basis for the arcade game Gauntlet. It's a four-player top-down dungeon exploration game. There is a program called MAME that lets you play Gauntlet and many other old arcade games.

    • I was born in Berlin, Germany, and have lived in Poland, Laos , Greece , Massachusetts, and Maryland.

    • I currently live in Seattle, Washington.

    • My home e-mail address is jack dot palevich at gmail dot com.