Signed pictures through the mail

You may find me at conventions, signing, but I don't get out much. If you prefer you can buy the pictures you see here, (customized if you like) using PayPal (see gizmo below).

Now Official Pix have lost their license I only have a few with the holograms left. When they are gone, they are gone for good. I also have a few, same quality, without the hologram.

I even have some lithographs left over from Celebration V in Orlando, 2010, etc. Just ask.

(1) Official Pix with hologram SW-0667

(2) Official Pix quality image, but without hologram

(1) SW-0667

(3) Official Pix with hologram SW-1414

(4) Official Pix quality image, but without hologram

Interesting side view of Jabba with Oola
A great pic for Leia fans!

Now the license is held by Topps Authentics, and I have these three in stock.

(5) Jabba close up

(6) Jabba with Bib Fortuna

(7) Jabba with C3PO

(8) Lustre finish photo - Retro

Retro Jabba

Mark Penicud made me some custom pics...

(9) Lustre finish photo - Close-up

Toby Jabba

(10) Glossy finish photo - with Oola

Glossy finish


For the pictures I supply, I charge a standard £15 (UK) through PayPal - which covers the photo, signature (customised if you prefer), a stiff envelope and all Post and Packing charges.

customize your pictures (add to notes in PayPal, or email me):

    • signed only
  • signed & with character name only
  • signed & role, i.e. "Jabba's Left Hand Man"
  • dedicated to someone (personalized)
  • Ink colour (black, blue, gold, silver, etc)

As at conventions, I am willing to sign people's own items. However, as this involves the risk of trusting items to the mail, you will need to email me at so we can arrange a safe and suitable transaction.

I also worked on

  • The Dark Crystal
  • The Company of Wolves
  • Little Shop of Horrors
  • Labyrinth
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit

I sometimes have pictures related to these available, but they are short runs - only a few of each, so please check with me first, through

(11) UrTih - The Alchemist

(12) Dark Crystal 12x8" lustre finish

(13) Labyrinth 12x8" lustre finish

(11) The Alchemist
Dark Crystal poster  (12 x 8" Lustre finish)
Labyrinth poster (12 x 8" Lustre finish)

(14) Fireys 12x8" lustre finish

(15) Helping Hands 12x8" lustre finish

Fireys  (12 x 8 Lustre finish)
Helping Hands  (12 x 8" Lustre finish)

(16) Audrey II 10x8"

(17) Resting Mystic, or (18)Garthim on stand-by