Signed pictures through the mail

You may find me at conventions, signing, but I don't get out much. If you prefer you can buy the pictures you see here, (customized if you like) using PayPal (see gizmo below).

Now Official Pix have lost their license I only have a few with the holograms left. When they are gone, they are gone for good. I also have a few, same quality, without the hologram.

I even have some lithographs left over from Celebration V in Orlando, 2010, etc. Just ask.

(1) Official Pix with hologram SW-0667

(2) Official Pix quality image, but without hologram

(1) SW-0667

(3) Official Pix with hologram SW-1414

(4) Official Pix, still with hologram SW-2718

Interesting side view of Jabba with Oola
A great pic for Leia fans!

Now the license is held by Topps Authentics, and I have these three in stock.

(5) Jabba close up

(6) Jabba with Bib Fortuna

(7) Jabba with C3PO

(8) Lustre finish photo

Retro Jabba

Mark Penicud made me some custom pics...

(9) Lustre finish photo

Toby Jabba

(10) Glossy finish photo

Glossy finish


For the pictures I supply, I charge a standard £15 (UK) through PayPal - which covers the photo, signature (customised if you prefer), a stiff envelope and all Post and Packing charges.

customize your pictures (add to notes in PayPal, or email me):

    • signed only
  • signed & with character name only
  • signed & role, i.e. "Jabba's Left Hand Man"
  • dedicated to someone (personalized)
  • Ink colour (black, blue, gold, silver, etc)

As at conventions, I am willing to sign people's own items. However, as this involves the risk of trusting items to the mail, you will need to email me at so we can arrange a safe and suitable transaction.

I also worked on

  • The Dark Crystal
  • The Company of Wolves
  • Little Shop of Horrors
  • Labyrinth
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit

I sometimes have pictures related to these available, but they are short runs - only a few of each, so please check with me first, through

(11) UrTih - The Alchemist

(12) Dark Crystal 12x8" lustre finish

(13) Labyrinth 12x8" lustre finish

(11) The Alchemist
Dark Crystal poster  (12 x 8" Lustre finish)
Labyrinth poster (12 x 8" Lustre finish)

(14) Fireys 12x8" lustre finish

(15) Helping Hands 12x8" lustre finish

Fireys  (12 x 8 Lustre finish)
Helping Hands  (12 x 8" Lustre finish)

(16) Audrey II 10x8"

(17) Resting Mystic, or (18)Garthim on stand-by