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Jabba's Left Hand Man reveals all

Some of the links have died, and I removed them, but I have left the text here, for my own reference...

Most recently (July 2020), I spoke to Peter Davis as a contribution to his website "Their Star Wars Stories"

In April 2020 I spoke to Scott and Mike at Verbal Shenanigans, an eclectic podcast - which was a lot of fun (about an hour)

A recent interview with Star Wars aficionados: a *graphcast* with Star Wars Autograph Universe April 2020

Always worth checking out: Life Inside Jabba the Hutt: Slimy piece of worm-ridden filth, a 20 min filmumentary by Jamie Benning

In June 2020, I talked to Ethan Dettenmaier on Combat Radio, out of LA. You can find a 5 minute teaser on You Tube (below)

Or the whole 52 minutes audio as an MP3, here

There's a work-in-progress on Instagram, by Alvaro Cañadas - check it out here

One that escaped from me, but just turned up: at the Unboxing convention in Mexico City in 2017

At one time I did an interview with Trial By Stone (a Dark Crystal website), Episode 3, and an extended version later, Episode 9...

When I worked for the of the branches asked me to do a talk about my varied life. Here is an hour or so.

Making-of videos

The Jabba section of the "making of" video / DVD online

"From Star Wars to Jedi"

- in which Dave B, Mike and Toby talk about working inside Jabba


Jambe Davdar has made extraordinary compilations of SW outtakes, deleted footage, etc.

"Returning to Jedi"

has been removed from YouTube (where it was in parts) but can now be found complete on Vimeo here



Classic Creatures: Return of The Jedi

contains some backstage footage of Team Jabba (some repetition from "From Star Wars to Jedi").


Brandon Phillips

at RebelTradingPost

interviewed Toby

for a podcast for

The Sarlacc Pit (Episode 6.5)


Interview with Mighty Jabba's Collection

(probably the most extensive and complete collection of Jabba related material on the web).


Toby answered a few questions in the magazine PSW

(Play Station World)

in the March 07 (#92) edition


YouTube Interview at Heroes & Legends Con, 2011 with LittleMissGoggles.


Starmania 2010 with Mark Newbold for Jedi News


Podcast #11 with The Voice of The Republic


Jabba the Splott 2005

Wales Online (Wales on Sunday newspaper)

Wales online
In the library

The Beeb thing went viral and I ended up in The Sun; The Mirror;

The Express; The Mail, etc.

Skyped into GooDaySacramento TV

Jabba the Librarian, on ITV Wales


Interview with the Time Warriors website in Northern Ireland


Interview with Mike Wilkerson at BlastZoneOnline

Blue Harvest interview 1999

my first online interview about Jabba the Hutt - now only available on the Internet Archive

Habidabad interview (currently offline? - in Internet Archive) mostly about The Dark Crystal (it was the definitive site), but also touchs on my other films, including Return of The Jedi.

T'Bone's Star Wars Universe

Toby and T'Bone met briefly at C3

The LightSabre Interview 7th August 2005

The Tosche Station Interview (July 2007 -originally published in Dutch - now on StarWarsInterviews)

The Bothan Spy interview

The Turkish Star Wars Community interview

Interviewed by Cap & Hex from The Nerdy Show at Orlando 2010

(John C & Toby can be heard between

1:42 to 1:56)

Also at Orlando, interviewed by Chip Carter for Moviefone (this migrated to AOL)

The Man Who Licked Princess Leia: An Interview With Jabba the Hutt Puppeteer Toby Philpott

Clube Portugal
Echo Base News

Part 1

Part 2

An interview with the Polish SW fan base

(English version of the above interview)

Dale-Con 2: Exclusive interview with puppeteer Toby Philpott


For an enjoyable read about some of the adventures we have as performers attending fan conventions, I recommend Tim Dry's book

Dave Barclay did an interview with Cap and Hex from The Nerdy Show, which you can find here

Natsukashi podcast: a great 30 minutes -‘The Dark Crystal’ with puppeteer Dave Barclay


John Coppinger's website

John Coppinger interviewed

at The Force

and at link below

A Sluggish Project in 2010, at SWBookZone

and by

Thin White Duke


who also interviewed

Mike Quinn


Dark Empire Radioposted an interview with Toby on Episode 30 (you'll find Toby between 22:20 and 28:20)

Dark Empire Radio also talked to Dave Barclay in Episode 9


Toby and john C were interviewed at CV by


D.J.Wilson from


Mike Edmonds on Muppet Wiki

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