Jabba's Left Hand Man reveals all

Making-of videos

The Jabba section of the "making of" video / DVD online

 "From Star Wars to Jedi"

 - in which Dave B,  Mike and Toby talk about working inside Jabba


Jambe Davdar has made extraordinary compilations of SW outtakes, deleted footage, etc.

Returning to Jedi 

has been removed from YouTube (where it was in parts) but can now be found complete on Vimeo here


Classic Creatures: Return of The Jedi
 contains some backstage footage of Team Jabba (some repetition from "From Star Wars to Jedi").
It has sadly been deleted from YouTube.

Brandon Phillips
interviewed Toby
a podcast for
The Sarlacc Pit (Episode 6.5)


(probably the most extensive and complete collection of Jabba related material on the web).


Toby answered a few questions in the magazine PSW
(Play Station World)
in the March 07   (#92) edition
YouTube Interview at Heroes & Legends Con, 2011 with LittleMissGoggles. 


Wales online
In the library
The Beeb thing went viral and I ended up in The Sun; The Mirror;

  Blue Harvest interview     1999 
my first online interview about Jabba the Hutt

Habidabad interview  (currently offline? - in Internet Archive) mostly about The Dark Crystal  (it was the definitive site), but  also touchs on my other films, including Return of The Jedi.

Toby and T'Bone met briefly at C3
  The  LightSabre Interview    7th August 2005
The Tosche Station Interview   (July 2007 -originally published in Dutch - now on StarWarsInterviews)
The Bothan Spy interview
 The Turkish Star Wars Community  interview

(John C & Toby can be heard between

1:42 to 1:56)

Also at Orlando, interviewed by Chip Carter for Moviefone (this migrated to AOL)


Clube Portugal

Echo Base News


An interview with the Polish SW fan base (I have added an 

English version here, as the Google translation seems odd!)

Dale-Con 2: Exclusive interview with puppeteer Toby Philpott


For an enjoyable read about some of the adventures we have as performers attending fan conventions, I recommend Tim Dry's book

"CONTINUUM: The Star Wars Phenomenon As Experienced From The Inside"

Available as an eBook here - http://www.starwarscontinuum.com/


David Barclay's website


Dave B (below) at C3
Dave Barclay did an interview with Cap and Hex from The Nerdy Show, which you can find here

Natsukashi podcast: a great 30 minutes  -‘The Dark Crystal’ with puppeteer Dave Barclay

(see central column for link to later interview with John C and Toby)

John Coppinger  interviewed

and here
A Sluggish Project in 2010, at SWBookZone

and by


who also interviewed

Mike Quinn

Dark Empire Radio posted an interview with Toby on Episode 30  (you'll find Toby between 22:20 and 28:20)  
Dark Empire Radio also talked to Dave Barclay in Episode 9
Toby and john C were interviewed at CV by 
D.J.Wilson from scificentral.tv 
(not yet available)
This amusing video interview with Toby comes from Derek Lyons  at a convention - about the day they worked together on Who Framed Roger Rabbit - on the PuppetVision blog
Mike interviewed in 2004, more about Logray than Jabba
 This imaginary interview made me laugh - a spoof chat with a down-and-out, has-been Jabba.
Other film work
Recently Toby has done Q&A sessions about his work with Jim Henson
The wonderful Jim Henson