Small Groups - Fall 2017

A Small Group is a group of 4-8 people (generally) who meet weekly for fellowship, encouragement, worship, Bible study, prayer, community service,!  Whether you're an introvert wanting a more intimate environment where you can explore what it means to follow Christ or you're an extrovert wanting to develop deeper relationships with others and God, Small Groups are a place where you can be real with real people.  Below are our current Small Groups Clarkson and Potsdam.  But check back soon we're always adding new Small Groups!  

Clarkson University Small Groups

When: Monday's, 5:oopm
Where: Student Center, 1st floor lounge

When: Thursday's, 8:00pm
Where: Ross 223
Led By: Anthony DiGiovanni

When: Friday's, 4:00pm
Where: Woodstock 4032

When: Friday's, 5:00pm
Where: Student Center, 1st floor lounge
Led By: Helen Palmer

When: Wednesday's, 6:00pm
Where: Moore House Lounge

SUNY Potsdam Small Groups

When: Wednesday's, 5:30pm
Where: 6th floor lounge, Knowles
Led By: Amy Johnson

When: Thursday's, 5:00pm
Where: Lehman 103

When: Friday's, 4:30pm
Where: PAC Lobby
Led By: Beverly Gard