Small Groups - Spring 2017

So you might be asking yourself, "What exactly is a small group?"  Well, a small group is a place where students can come together each week to study the Bible and see how it applies to their daily lives, and to share Christ's love through community service projects, encouraging one another, and building community through fun with friends.  There are small groups on both the Clarkson and the Potsdam campuses. 

See the schedule below that details who is leading each small group, and when and where each group will meet.  Feel free to contact the group leader for more details! :)   

Clarkson University Small Groups

When: Tuesday 6pm
Where: Townhouse A11
Led By: Melanie Cockrell ( 

When: Tuesday 7pm
Where: Student Center
Led by:  Austin Jantzi ( 

When: Wednesday 5:30pm
Where: Ross 412
Led By: Helen Palmer (

When: Wednesday 8:00pm
Where: Newell 110
Led By: Sarah Lilholt (

When: Wednesday 9pm
Where: Ormsby 102
Led By: Anthony DiGiovanni ( 

When: Thursday 8pm
Where: Woodstock 2082
Led By: Jordan Ravenelle (

When: Friday 5:00pm 
Where: Student Center Graduate Lounge (near CUSA)
Led By:  Marissa White ( 

SUNY Potsdam Small Groups

When: Monday, 12:00pm
Where: College Union, Second Floor, outside "Pete's Place"
Led By: Jonathan Kowalka (

When: Tuesday, 8:00pm
Where: Bowman East, ground floor, second lounge
Led B
y: Victoria Hocking 

When: Thursday 4:00
Where: Suite 111, Lehman House 3
Led By: Amy Johnson (

When: Friday 4:30pm
Where: PAC Cafe *This small group is Crane School of Music focused
Led B
y: Beverly Gard