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InterVarsity is an open group of college students from both universities eager to learn more about God...together.  Many love our Small Groups - a place to make friends, have engaging and applicable Bible studies, and together do community service and outreaches. We also organize fun events like hiking, apple picking, LachFest, skating in Lake Placid, and bowling competitions.  Perhaps we're becoming best known on campus as the group that sponsors the Benefit Outreaches every semester as a way to raise awareness and money for local charities.  Our group is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about God's love and making new friends! So please check out the rest of the website to find times and locations for meetings and events.

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Upcoming in IV
(update 1/18/18)

Hey guys,

As those from SUNY Potsdam begin to pack and begin the loooooong journey back to the North Country, the rest of us are waiting with excitement for your arrival.  We can’t wait to see you at NEXT Friday's Large Group.

But, before then... 

Large Group
This Friday’s LG will once again be in Moore House Lounge at 7:00pm.  

After Large Group last week many of us had a blast.  Let’s do it again!  Game night in Moore House Lounge...after Large Group...Be There!!!  :) 

Friday Family Dinner - New Location
Every Friday we’re doing dinner together.  Join us, if you can, in Cheel at 5:00pm for our second “Friday Family Dinner.”  We’re hoping this becomes a popular thing to help us deepen and broaden our relationships with one another and other friends.  

Snowshoeing This Saturday
We are exploring the idea of going snowshoeing on Saturday.  The place we have in mind loans our snowshoes for free.  We’d leave around lunch time and get back in time for dinner.  If this interests you let us know.  We’ll give out more information at Large Group. 
Calendar of Events
You may not know that IV has a calendar of events.  To access this just click here.  We try to keep this up-to-date so you’ll know where the next Large Group will be, when the next IV outing is, the latest details about SG’s (once we know them), and more.  Check it out!

Our Winter ‘18 Benefit Outreach - Jan. 29 - Feb. 9!     
As hopefully you now know, we’re again partnering with the Potsdam Snack Pack Program (SPP) this semester in an effort to connect (or reconnect) with 1500 students.  In turn we will donate $1500 to the program.   We’re excited to NOT offer the raffle this time.  Instead we will be providing opportunities for students to join us, in various ways and at various times, to volunteer with the Snack Pack Program. 
To pull all this off we NEED YOUR HELP!!!  We need about 35 of you to click here and sign-up to table for at least an hour a week during this two week campaign.    (Kudos to Jonathan and Sarah for being the first two!)  As always we will do our best to pair you with at least one other person.  Anyone can help with this.  You do not need to be an “active member” of IV.  You just need to be willing to help us reach our goal of raising awareness for the SPP.  In advance...thank you for signing up!

Parent’s Involvement?
If you think your parents (or grandparents, other relatives, home pastor, etc) would be interested in being kept informed about our activities and their effectiveness on campus, let Glen know.  He regularly sends updates to iv alumni and friends and would be very happy to add others to this list.  It’s a great way to increase awareness and prayer support!  You can reach Glen at glenmewart@gmail.com or text him at 315.265.4823.

One day, when Jesus’ mother and brothers arrived, they found him surrounded by a large crowd.  When they sent someone to let him know they had arrived, he said something that might sound rather rude to us today: “Who is my mother and brothers?”  Then, looking at the crowd, he said, “Here are my mother and brothers!  Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.”

Thankfully from other places in the Gospels we know Jesus had a loving relationship with his family.  His comments are not to be interpreted as being disrespectful of his family, but rather as an invitation to anyone who wants to join his family to do so.  A person isn’t a Christian because they were born in a “Christian family,” (or go to church, or pray, or help old ladies across the street, etc.)  A Christian is a person who comes humbly before God confessing their sin, asking for His forgiveness through Christ, and then submitting their lives in obedience to Him (“doing God’s will”) by the power of the Holy Spirit.  

InterVarsity at Clarkson and Potsdam is committed to helping as many as possible on campus respond to the invitation to join Jesus’ family?  What will be your response?  Will you join us?

Clarkson students, we hope to see you tomorrow evening at Large Group!  SUNY Potsdam students...safe travels!

The peace of Christ.