Welcome to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship!

We are on campus because we believe all 8,600 students at SUNY Potsdam and Clarkson University are deeply loved by God. Sadly, however, most don't know this yet. We are on a mission to change this! Will you join us?

InterVarsity is made up of fun loving students from both universities. Many love our Small Groups - a place to make friends, have engaging and applicable Bible studies, and together do community service and outreaches. We also organize fun events like hiking, apple picking, LachFest, skating in Lake Placid, and bowling competitions. Perhaps we're becoming best known on campus as the group that sponsors the Benefit Outreaches every semester. This is one way we support local charities with our finances and time.

Our group is open to anyone who wants to learn more about God's love and who like making new friends!

The IV Monthly

Summer 2018 - August

Hey guys!

Welcome New Students!

I want to begin by giving a special welcome to the fifty-two (52!) new students receiving this newsletter because of their interest in IV. If you’re one of them, welcome! We’ll send out another edition of The IV Monthly in two weeks, but until then please take a moment to fill out this form (if you haven’t already) so we can get to know you better. We can’t wait to meet you this fall!!

A Few Things You Should Know

  1. You are deeply loved by God! (Just another friendly reminder!)
  2. Friday night Large Groups are going to be at New Hope Community Church this fall. We’re still planning to have Friday Family Dinners on each campus before Large Group most weeks. However, once a month we hope to have a Friday Family Dinner all together at New Hope.
  3. We currently have over 10 Small Group leaders & apprentices lined up for the fall. Additionally we have already invited 8 new students (based on their interest) to prayerfully consider beginning the semester as an apprentice. Please be praying for these folks as they continue praying for discernment and preparing for the fall.

Want to Get Slightly More Involved in IV?

There are many ways you could help support the mission of IV on campus; from hanging up posters to representing IV at one of the early club fairs on campus. We are also looking for worship team members, help with our Fall Benefit Outreach and coffeehouse, and people who like to organize group games (just to name a few opportunities.) Let us know if you’re interested in getting more involved.


I have 15 $150 gift cards for the next 15 students from our chapter (including recent alumni and new students) who register for Urbana. For more information about Urbana click here. The next Urbana will be in 2021. Don’t miss this opportunity!


Earlier this week I was in a Bible study with a coupe of IV leaders, looking at John 15:1-17. One of the questions that came up for us was, “In whom or what do we abide in more than Jesus?” We encouraged one another to name anything that came to mind as a way of confession and repentance. We then prayed for one another.

Friends, may the days leading up to August 27 (your first day of classes) be increasingly filled with abiding in Christ, and in Him alone, and letting His word abide in you. Read in the passage all the cool stuff that God promises will happen if we do!