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InterVarsity is an open group of college students from both universities eager to learn more about God...together.  Many love our Small Groups - a place to make friends, have engaging and applicable Bible studies, and together do community service and outreaches. We also organize fun events like hiking, apple picking, LachFest, skating in Lake Placid, and bowling competitions.  Perhaps we're becoming best known on campus as the group that sponsors Photo Scavenger Hunts every semester as a way to raise awareness and money for local charities.  Our group is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about Jesus and making new friends! So please check out the rest of the website to find times and locations for meetings and events.

Upcoming in IV
Posted 5/4/17

To God be the Glory!

Did you know that, compared to last year, 30% more students have been impacted every week because God is blessing IV?  It’s true!  Over 60 students have been regularly meeting in one of our 12 Small Groups for fellowship, Bible study, service, prayer, and overall - just a great time!   Here’s a BIG shout-out to our fantastic Small Group Leaders - Jordan, Amy, Sarah, Melanie, Marissa, Victoria, Beverly, Austin, JJ, Anthony, and Helen!  (If you haven’t already thanked your Small Group Leader for their service, here’s a not-so-subtle reminder to do so.)

IV’s New Leaders

As we begin praying and planning for next year, please join us in congratulating IV’s new leaders: Victoria Hocking - President, Potsdam; Amy Johnson - Vice President, Potsdam; Melanie Cockrell - President, Clarkson; and Helen Palmer - Vice President, Clarkson.  We are thankful for the ways these women have already served our chapter faithfully  and we look forward to their increased roles and responsibilities as we move forward toward our vision of seeing lives transformed, the campuses renewed, and world-changers developed.  


Tomorrow evening, Friday, 5/5, is our End of the Year Party!  It will be held in the Clarkson multipurpose room in the Student Center. Rides will be provided for Potsdam students, leaving from the College Union at 6:45pm.  Attention Small Groups Leaders!  Make sure everyone from your group attends because we will be having Small Group competitions! The only way to prove that you have a great Small Group is to bring everyone from your Small Group.  Along with the competitions we will be handing out awards for each Small Group.  Also if anyone would like to bring a dessert and/or any board or card games that would be greatly appreciated!  We hope to see you all there!  It is going to be a great night! 

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