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NPOs and SDOs expert session

On 10 November 2010 a special joint lecture dedicated to Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and Standards Development Organizatios (SDOs) was held at the National Research University ITMO (Faculty of Entrepreneurship).

Participants of ITII course and master students of the Faculty of entrepreneurship discussed different topics including some reasons for NPOs foundation, SDOs  activities, noncommercial projects in IT industry, etc.

Next guest speakers and experts shared their ideas with the audience:

Vitaly Vlasov (Founder of CityCamp Russia)

Sergey Mezentsev (Microsoft Student Partner)

Vladimir Medeyko (Head of Noncommercial Partnership 'Wikimedia RU')

Valentin Makarov (President of RUSSOFT Association)

Vadim Makeev (Web-evangelist at Opera Software, Russia)

Sergey Lusse (Specialist at Nokia Siemens Networks)

Photos are available here.

The event’s key notes (about Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, RUSSOFT Association and other organisations and the people within them) are published in Materials