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IT Industry Open Coworking/Colearning

April 22-24, 2011

Zelenogorsk (Smolyachkovo), Vostok-6

Post release is available!

Experts and lecturers of IT Industry Introduction’ course in 3 days. 
+ Special thematic sessions and lectures, and out-door sport program

Students, engineers, scientists and professors, analysts, managers, directors and entrepreneurs.
Up to 35 people. Only 15 places are available (20 are already pre-ordered).

  • Working in a calm atmosphere
  • Socialization of brightest students, young nerds and senior nerds with each other
  • Formal and informal education processes
NёrdCamp is a 3-days platform for various activities related to education, work, networking and entertainment with IT as a uniting theme. The 'Camp' refers to barcamps, foo camps and in this case it's really a camp because the venue is located in a countryside, but the environment is more comfortable (meals and a free of charge swimming pool) as it's hosted by a holyday hotel. The core participants are people involved in the 'Introduction to the IT Industry' course yet everyone invited and the frame activity is a coworking with a people-based co-learning program.

is available here.
Events by guest participants are allowed.

Photo and video
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Confirmed Key Participants

See also full participants list (RU).


Key topics for co-learning program
  • Sociology and Economy of IT
  • How the Web will Transform Education
  • How IT changes Companies Operations.
  • Customer Development and Design Thinking for Technology Startups
  • Out-of-town Coworking and Colearning. City-like environments without a city
  • Talks about technologies (Cloud and SaaS, No SQL Databases, Hot Programming Languages, etc.)


There is a participation fee to rent conference room and other facilities. Options:
  • 500 rubl for people who will lead their own free lecture/business game/sport competition activity/etc. in the frames of event
  • 1000 rubl for all other guests
  • partnership fee for people who will realize their own commercial project in the frames of event (to be discussed)
  • special fee for people who are applying for corporate participation providing scholarships and marketing/advertising campaigns (to be discussed)

Accommodation and transportation costs
To live in Vostok-6 (a holiday house). Back in the USSR but all inclusive: from 900 to 2000 rubl per day (depends on room class comfort).
To travel by bus or electric train. Round trip is about 150 - 250 rubl.
Total cost of three days participation varies between 3500 and 7000 rubl.

If you are interested in the event please fill the application form before noon April 7, 2011 (extended till April 14). Registration is closed.

For any questions please contact project coordinator:
Anastasia Tsvetkova, e-mail: anastasia.tsvetkova<@> 
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