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An Introduction to the IT Industry

‘How to use years in University to find your place and role in IT’

St. Petersburg. Fall 2011 - Spring 2012

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  • Offer students a unique opportunity to learn about the alchemy of the IT world: how people, organizations, technologies, markets and ideas interact with each other.
  • Provide a stimulating environment for students to proactively take care of their self development and career paths, of their future.
  • Encourage intense networking between all the course participants.

Course Topics
Part I
  • Origins of the industry.
  • Current markets and players. Business models.
  • IT media and analyst agencies. Industry events.
  • Standards developing organizations.
  • Non-profit organizations. Academic and corporate research.
  • People in the Industry.
  • IT in Russia. Russian success stories.
  • Challenges and trends in IT.

Part II
  • English. Go global or GTFO.
  • IT professions and career paths. IT labor market.
  • Personal development ecosystem and networking.

Lectures and master classes will be important, but the emphasis will be on learning through discussions, case studies and individual and group research projects as well as reading.
Students are expected to show proactive approach to learning. Main language is Russian although some study materials will be in English.

Participation is free, but there are only 20 places available*.

Course started on September 2011 and went throughout the fall semester with 4 hours class sessions and 8-10 hours homework per week. Graduate quests are to be written in the spring semester 2012 (the final data depends on quest's topic). Exam is expected in the end of May, 2012.

Summer internship in the participant organizations will be available. 

St. Petersburg. Corporate offices and MKF at University ITMO (V.O. Birzhevaya Line, 16).

Confirmed guest lecturers and experts are from

EMC2 (St. Petersburg Development Center), Intel, Microsoft, FRUCT Program, Opera Software, Yandex, Agnitum, 2Nova, RUSSOFT, Business Incubator 'Ingria' (Web Ready Contest), Wikimedia.RU, PDMI Computer Science Club

How to apply
Candidates should submit their applications before June 17th. Please fill in the application form. Next admission will be opened on the first week of September. 

*Current application is opened before June 17, 2011