The following scholars have participated in one or more meetings of the Society.
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NameInstitution / LocaleHome PageNotes
NameInstitution / LocaleHome PageNotes
Affeldt, Steven University of Notre Dame Home Page  
Andler, Daniel Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV) Home Page  
Blattner, William Georgetown University Home Page  
Boedeker, Edgar University of Northern Iowa   
Borgmann, Albert University of Montana Home Page Keynote Address, 2006 
Bracken, William formerly of Univ. of California, Riverside   
Braver, Lee University of South Florida Home Page  
Carman, Taylor Barnard College / Columbia University Home Page  
Carr, David Emory University (emeritus) Home Page Keynote Address, 2010 
Cerbone, David University of West Virginia Home Page  
Collins, Corbin Corbin Collins Communications   
Cross, Andrew formerly of Wake Forest University   
Crowell, Steven Rice University Home Page  
Dreyfus, Hubert University of California, Berkeley Home Page  
Guignon, Charles University of South Florida (emeritus) Home Page  
Hannay, Alastair University of Oslo (retired)   
Han-Pile, Béatrice University of Essex Home Page  
Haugeland, John University of Chicago Obituary Keynote Address, 2002 
Havas, Randall Willamette University   
Hoffman, Piotr University of Nevada, Reno Home Page  
Hough, Sheridan College of Charleston Home Page  
Jackson, Gabrielle Stony Brook University Home Page  
Kadowaki, Shunsuke University of Tokyo (deceased)  Passed away, Feb. 2010 
Käufer, Stephan Franklin & Marshall College Home Page  
Kelly, Sean Harvard University Home Page  
Kukla, Rebecca Georgetown University Home Page  
Lafont, Christina Northwestern University Home Page  
Lance, Mark Georgetown University Home Page  
Lear, Jonathan University of Chicago Home Page Keynote Address, 2009 
Longuenesse, Béatrice New York University Home Page Keynote Address, 2008 
MacAvoy, Leslie East Tennessee State University   
Malpas, Jeff University of Tasmania Home Page  
Martin, Wayne University of Essex Home Page  
Matherne, Samantha University of California, Santa Cruz Home Page  
McManus, Denis Southampton University (UK) Home Page  
McMullin, Irene University of Essex Home Page  
Minar, Edward University of Arkansas Home Page  
Nehamas, Alexander Princeton University Home Page Keynote Address, 2000 
Norman, Andrew formerly of Hamilton College   
Okrent, Mark Bates College Home Page  
Pippin, Robert University of Chicago Home Page Keynote Address, 2005 
Ratcliffe, Matthew Durham University Home Page  
Richardson, John New York University Home Page Keynote Address, 2001 
Rouse, Joseph Wesleyan University Home Page  
Rubin, Jane Berkeley, Cal.   
Schatzki, Theodore University of Kentucky Home Page  
Schear, Joseph University of Oxford Home Page  
Sheehan, Thomas Stanford University Home Page Keynote Address, 2007 
Shockey, Matthew University of Indiana, South Bend Home Page  
Siewert, Charles Rice University Home Page  
Sluga, Hans University of California, Berkeley Home Page Keynote Address, 2003 
Spinosa, Charles Vision Home Page  
Taylor, Charles McGill University (emeritus) Home Page Keynote Address, 1999 
Thomson, Iain University of New Mexico Home Page  
Weston, Nancy Univ. of California, Berkeley (Rhetoric Dept.)   
Wider, Kathleen University of Michigan, Dearborn   
Withy, Katherine Georgetown University Home Page  
Wrathall, Mark University of California, Riverside Home Page  
Young, Julian Wake Forest University Home Page Keynote Address, 2004 
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