Intelligent Support for Learning in Groups

Workshop at the 11th International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems

June 15, 2012

Chania, Crete, Greece


Jihie Kim :

Rohit Kumar :

Workshop Proceedings

8:30am Registration

9:00am Welcome & Introductions Session

( Template for Introductions )

9:40am Full Paper Session 1 (20min. presentation + 5min. discussion per paper)

  • Ilya Goldin, Accounting for Peer Reviewer Bias with Bayesian Models
  • Gregory Dyke, David Adamson, Iris Howley and Carolyn Rosé, Academically Productive Talk as a Framework for Easily Adaptable Conversational Agents

10:30am Coffee Break

11:00am Short Paper Session (10min. presentation + 5min. discussion per paper)

  • Yu-Han Chang, Jihie Kim, Siddharth Jain and Sen Cai, Intelligent Social Support for Teachers and Educators
  • Susan Bull, Barbara Wasson, Matthew D. Johnson, Dean Petters and Cecilie Hansen, Helping Teachers Effectively Support Group Learning
  • Ricky Sethi, Lorenzo Rossi and Yolanda Gil, Measures of Threaded Discussion Properties

11:45am Group Discussion Session

Divided into groups to discuss prominent areas of interest

12:30pm Lunch Break & Poster Session

Position Papers

  • Tom Murray, Beverly Park Woolf, Xiaoxi Xu, Stefanie Shipe, Scott Howard and Leah Wing, Supporting social deliberative skills in online classroom dialogues: Preliminary results using automated text analysis
  • Erin Reilly, Curating PLAY! (participatory learning and you)
  • Raoudha Chebil, Wided Lejouad Chaari and Stefano A Cerri, A Scenario Based Analysis for Evaluating ECollaboration Environments
  • Roberto Martinez Maldonado, Judy Kay and Kalina Yacef, Towards Providing Intelligent Support to Enhance Collaborative Learning at the Tabletop
  • I-Han Hsiao and Julio Guerra, Social Visualizations for Personalized E-learning
  • Rohit Kumar, Supporting Learners using Interactive Conversational Agents

2:00pm Invited Talk

  • Ana Paiva, Supporting Learning through Empathic Interactions
  • Questions & Discussion

3:00pm Coffee Break

3:30am Full Paper Session 2 (20min. presentation + 5min. discussion per paper)

  • Stergios Tegos and Stavros Demetriadis, Designing a Teacher Customizable Conversational Agent to Trigger Online Students’ Interaction
  • Chitrabharathi Ganapathy and Jihie Kim, Analysis of Student Interaction aspects of Collaborative Programming Projects using SVN
  • Fazel Keshtkar, David Hatfield, Brent Morgan, Jin Wang and Arthur Graesser, Introducing an Intelligent Virtual Suggester and Assessment in Computer Educational Games

4:45pm Presentations from Breakout Session (10min. per group)

5:15pm Conclusion

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