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Guide to Islamic Economics provides a list of all my writings on the subject.

My paper on Islamic Economics: A Survey of the Literature is of fundamental importance in understanding the roots of the drive to develop Islamic Banking and Finance, and also the reasons for many defects in its current implementations. This was first published as discussion paper for the Religion & Development Research Project at the University of Birmingham:

University of Birmingham: Religions and Development Research Programme, Working Paper No. 22 Working Paper Series

SSRN Copy of Paper

Several Versions of this paper are collected below.

This website is meant to store versions of this paper. This cites a huge amount of literature, and I will try to put links to references cited in the paper, especially material which is hard to find. LIST OF REFERENCES with links to some

    1. First Version: Addressed to Islamic Audience Only [Pre- Birmingham, early draft]

    2. Second Version: Published in Religion & Development Research Project, headed by Birmingham University

    3. Third Version: Minor Edits on Second Version, published in Islamic Studies Journal. [post-Birmingham]

    4. Course on Islamic Economics: Draft for a Textbook/Lectures based on Ideas of this paper.

    5. References Cited in the Paper