Welcome to the website of Isis, Lotus of Alexandria Lyceum, a teaching center, devotional hearth and temple. This Lyceum is an officially certified center within the Fellowship of Isis, which is an international mystery school. Membership within the Fellowship of Isis is open to all of every religion, tradition and race. You can access information about the Fellowship of Isis and articles featured on this website on the Lyceum Website Index

Isis, Lotus of Alexandria Lyceum has offered a correspondence course of study since 1998. The coursework within this lyceum focuses on the Magi Degree System of rituals from the Fellowship of Isis liturgy. These rites were written by Olivia Robertson, ArchPriestess, and one of the founders of the Fellowship. The course of study is offered through correspondence via e-mail. The coursework is designed to allow for each student to work and grow with their personal tutelary deity or deities, of all pantheons and spiritual traditions. Within the Fellowship all Goddesses are one Goddess, under the name of ISIS, all Gods are one God under the name OSIRIS.

The oracles and rituals of the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy do not follow certain hard and fast rules adhered to in other mystery schools. These rites include Goddesses and Gods from different pantheons. The wording within these rites is in a beautiful, antiquated language, which sounds like something from another place and time. The rites also include roles written for several participants within each rite, which may unnecessarily daunt solitary practitioners.

If the candidate utilizes creative visualization and opens to the divine energies invoked, wonderful things can happen. The oracles and their attending rites came to Olivia through divine inspiration and visions. Members of the Fellowship of Isis have found these rites to be powerful as a tool for spiritual growth and transformation. They produce a profound and beneficial effect.

The purpose of these rituals is to strike a note on one level of being and so awaken the same note on other octaves of being through the use of symbol and color. The elaborate description of colored robes, headdresses and other outer symbols at the beginning of each ritual puts these psychic keynotes into the creative imagination of the candidate to promote visualization of the energies being invoked.

Besides a course of study which focuses on the Magi Degrees of the Fellowship of Isis, the Lyceum performs ritual by attunement at regular intervals throughout the year. We also do healing meditations and prayer work. Lyceum members live in several different countries throughout the world. In their own localities they present workshops, offer rituals and training for the priest/priestesshood and healing.
Olivia Robertson writes: "Many blessings and good wishes for your Lyceum webpage. I am so happy that you will be able to express your own ideals and faith in the Goddess. FOI is for the individual - not the individual submerged by the group!"
Photo of waterlilies in a garden pond located in Ring of Beara, Ireland by the late Barbara Lee Westlake.  Used by special permission of the photographer who was a member of this lyceum. This photo is copyrighted, all rights reserved.  Barbara writes: "Exploring the Ring of Beara, Ireland with my family, we discovered this secret garden with a pond of water lilies. The Water Lily flower is created from, and sustained by, the dark muck and mire at the bottom of the pond.  Thus the Water Lily, along with the Lotus, is a symbol of beauty and light supported by the dark shadow."